Saturday, April 22, 2017


Up and off to market on time this morning. It is cloudy but no rain today yet. I emptied 7/10ths inch out of the gauge from the overnight rains.
Market was very slow today. I don't know what else was going on in town that everyone went to or maybe folks just stayed in on a cloudy day .
We celebrated the 89th birthday of Christine Jackson today one of oldest market members with a birthday cake.

I left market and made several extra stops today to pick up things for daughter's baby shower tomorrow afternoon.
I finally had everything I needed and got home at 4:30. Hubbie helped me unload and we relaxed for a little while. Daughter came after her dogs as they got home earlier this afternoon.
She stopped at Strawberry Hill and brought us another gallon of strawberries on their way up the mountain.
We did the chores and then had supper .
We had a dry day all day but the rain started about 9:00 tonight and is really heavy. We are under a flood watch until Monday night.
Back in April of 1997 we were a very busy family with all three of the kids in sports. Both boys played thankfully on the same baseball team that year. #1 son was 15 and #2 son was 14 and they had a 14/15 year old team at Berkley Ballpark that year.
#1 son......
#2 son......
And daughter who was 12 years old was playing on a traveling basketball team. She was on a very good team and they won all of the tournaments they played in.
 Daughter is facing this way on the foul lane.
She receives her 1st place metal.
Her team....

The Hendersonville girls on the team..... daughter. Lauren Few, Morgan Corn, Leslie Arney.
It was a busy but fun time in our lives.
Humbly grateful for the blessings of this day and for the return home traveling mercies for all the family this evening.
God Bless and Good Night.

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