Thursday, April 27, 2017


Wellllll !!!!!  All good things must come to an end and our sunny beautiful mornings have ended with a very cloudy sky today.
I did chores and got ready for market getting there right on time to a waiting egg customer.
I had a slow day but am thankful for all the things I did sell.
Hubbie got off work early today and brought me lunch then I left early and went with him to his SS appointment. He is officially old now as he applied for his SSI today. He won't get a check until September so now he just has to decide exactly when he will leave work. He is also eligible for retirement from his work so he will be making about the same thing he is working.
We split up when we left there and he went by the PO for me and then up to make an appointment with the lady that handles the retirement at his work place. I went to the bank and then to Ace hardware to get some hanging baskets and bedding plants they have for sale.
It was raining when I got there and I got pretty wet getting all the flowers in the Honda . I made a stop at Aldi for baking supplies and then headed home.
The rain started about 11:00 this morning and has been steady all day.
Hubbie helped me get unloaded and then we relaxed for a while before sloshing through chores. There was 4/10ths inch of rain in the gauge at chore time tonight and hopefully the clouds are lifting this evening.
The flowers were sure drinking up all this rain fall as another pretty Iris is blooming this evening.
At least all this rain lately has relieved the drought in our area as we go into the planting and growing season. We have went from the severe drought category to the abnormally dry category in just a weeks time.

We had visits from #2 son, Aa's family and #1 son tonight .
It has been a nice lazy evening but is pretty cool with the dampness.
Thankful for the love and blessings of my precious Savior Jesus Christ.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Well, Happy Retirement to your Hubby! I have never regretted retiring from work. Your flowers are all so beautiful - waiting patiently for more to start blooming around here. Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless you and your family.