Tuesday, April 11, 2017


G-daughter arrived a little after 7am this morning and we got our day started with breakfast before play school. She was a happy girl today walking in to her classroom all smiles with hello hugs for all the teachers. I love how she loves this little playtime with the other kids.
I came home and did chores and then had a second cup of coffee with my devotions.
I took a walk in the nice already 60's temps.
Spring is always so pretty even the greens are beautiful after the dreary browns and grays of winter.

Spring also brings new life...........
After my walk I headed back into town to pick up g-daughter. Traffic was horrific around town today for some reason. We finally made our way out of town and on the country roads to get home.
Of course she went to sleep as soon as we started moving !!
She slept while I ate lunch and got some baking started. I decided since I only have one working oven more baking time will be necessary. While she finished her nap and then had her lunch was a perfect time to get 4 pound cakes done in the lower oven. Just for curiosity I preheated the upper oven to 250 degrees to see if that would cook a pan of brownies without burning them. It did but only because I watched closely and took them out after only 10 minutes. Guess I will need to lower the temp even more.
G-daughter played in the kitchen while the cakes finished and then we headed outside to do whatever she wanted for a while.
Swinging was the first on the list ....  Pure happiness ......

She also loves to play on this little slide set.

After d-in-love picked her up I sat out in the covered patio until hubbie came in from work. The predicted rain fall for today did not come and only these few fluffy white clouds were floating by this afternoon.

We planted out early root crops today as the new moon is tonight and the sign for the day Virgo is a fertile sign so the timing should be perfect. We planted potatoes, onions, radishes and turnips today.

We were amazed at how hard the ground is already after all the heavy rains we have had recently. Hubbie had a hard time hanging on to the rototiller at times.
We had a successful planting day and now we sit back and pray for the right amount of rain and sunshine to make our garden grow !!
Tired tonight a good hot bath and early bedtime sounds ridiculously good !!
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the greatest gift ever !!!
On this Holy Week Tuesday I admire the wisdom Jesus showed in the face of all his doubters.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

What a happy little girl in her swing. Glad you were able to get some planting done. Our ground is just too wet to do any- feels like walking on a sponge. Sunshine here today which makes me happy. Spring flowers and "buds" are starting to appear, yay!!! Blessings