Sunday, April 23, 2017


Waking to the the sound of rain falling always makes me want to just snuggle deeper in bed and forget the busy day ahead.
But that's not usually possible in my busy life style and surely not today !!!
As I dawned my rain gear and slipped and slid through chores in a cool upper 40's morning I was reminded that this is still April and April can feel like winter !!
Hubbie and I got ready and headed out to church. There were a lot of empty seats today in church and when the Pastor thanked the ones of us who braved the rain instead of doing what I felt like doing earlier I was really glad I didn't just snuggle down under the covers and miss church today.
The sermon was good today from Mathew 5 about how to defeat our lustful feelings.
I will stop right here and say how well our new young pastor Craig is doing since he took over the senior Pastor job.  His sermons are very informative and meaningful and done with true passion.
After church we all came home to get to the rest of our day. For d-in-love and I it was to get all our baby shower decor loaded in our cars and head back up to church by 1:00 to get the fellowship hall ready for daughter's baby shower.
Tif picked the cake up and came to help us get set up. The room looked really good .
 The flowers I got yesterday turned out perfect.

There was plenty of really good food that d-in-love and I made with the help of sis-in-law Sandy.

D-in-love ordered the cake from Sam's Club and it was very good.
There was many many beautiful gifts.
Daughter had plenty of help with the unwrapping.

The room was filled with guest and we so appreciate all the love that was shown today.

G-daughter found a playmate in Anni .
Daughter loved the special quilt I made for g-daughter #2 .
Congratulations to this special couple we love you both so much and are so happy for you !!
After everyone left we cleaned up and I got home around 5:00 .
The rain has fallen all day but not the heavy rains we were afraid would get here. However we are still under a flood watch with more rain expected overnight.
I emptied 1 & 8/10ths inch rain from the gauge at chore time. Thankfully not the flooding amount but surely the mud making amount !!
Aa shut the cattle up in the upper pasture tonight just in case the rains get harder tonight.
We have had a relaxing evening and I worked on another special baby gift for g-daughter #2  for awhile tonight.
Thankful tonight for the blessing of a loving family and friends that make this life journey so much more special.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

What a beautiful Baby Shower. So glad everything went well. Also happy to hear you had rain , but not the heavy stuff. Today I have to mow my lawn - 1st time this year. All the rain we have been having has made the grass grow like crazy. Blessings