Tuesday, April 25, 2017


7am arrival of g-daughter got my day started. I got her breakfast set up and then got ready to take her to play school for the morning. She was all smiles on the way in and her usual happy self but once I got her jacket off and started to leave she lost her happy face and cried . Getting back into the normal routine after a week off is always harder for the younger ones. I got her playing with some toys and then got out the door while one of the teachers had her distracted.
I always feel sad to leave her like that but I know it is better for her to get used to being with other kids.
Back home I did the chores finding more chicks this morning with this Black mama hen. She has these 4 chicks and 2 more eggs that were still warm so maybe she will go back and sit on these while they hatch.
I got a surprise when I looked in on the 2 white setting Silkies in the big divided box and saw this mama with these 2 early hatched chicks and off her nest with the other 4 eggs cold and 1 of them with a large hole in it and a cold chick inside . Why she totally left the nest so soon is a mystery as most of the time even when some chicks hatch the hen will still manage to keep the remaining eggs warm while getting up to feed the others on and off.
I placed the remaining eggs under the other white Silkie in this box just in case they might not have gotten too cold.
I have decided I am changing my setting nest to all round buckets as the hen that sat on the eggs in the bucket turned on its side hatched everyone of her eggs. I think the eggs under these small hens are getting too spread out to keep warm in the boxes I have been using.
I had breakfast and then headed out on a nice morning walk. Even though I have rain boots on the sun is a beautiful sight this morning.
I opened the lower pasture gate to the delight of Cayenne and the cattle over here.
I came back inside and had devotions then it was time to pick up g-daughter. She still wasn't happy even when I arrived back to get her as one of the teachers was holding her and she looked really pale and tired.
She went right to sleep when we got in the Honda and took a long nap.
I had my lunch and then did some ironing while she slept.
She didn't want any lunch when she woke up and just wanted to go outside. She is "little miss independent " these days and made a game of going up these stairs across the porch and off and up the stairs again.

She also spent some time swinging until she finally got hungry enough for an apple snack.
No smiles today even in the swing !!!!
After d-in-love picked her up and hubbie came in from work we did chores and then I watched the sun set tonight from the outside patio.
This is a map of the total rainfall around the area. I have circled our area and that is what my rain gauge said also including the over 1/10th inch last night rain total.
The middle and eastern parts of the state are having some bad flooding today as the same amount of rain has fallen there.
One thing about living here in the mountains at least the rain runs off and only the low areas flood instead of the entire towns that are totally flat in the more eastern parts of the state.
Thankful for the wonderful blessings that this day held and for the love of a gracious Savior.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Poor little g-daughter. My heart goes out to them when they are unhappy. Glad you are getting your much needed rain. Would you believe that we have had more rain since Jan then we did all last year. And now we are in for 4 days of rain. Sump pumps in peoples basements are running overtime around here. My backyard has been a pond since the snow melted with no sign of it drying up. Oh well, guess that is Spring in WI. Blessings