Thursday, April 13, 2017


Up and out on this market morning to get chores done and get to market on time today with several orders to be picked up.
I had a good day today with everyone getting ready for Easter dinners. This means a lot of baking going on tonight and tomorrow with only one oven.
The good news is between customers today I searched on the net for double ovens and came across a place in Chesnee SC that sells scratch and dent appliances and they happen to have a Kitchen aide double oven just like I need and at a very good price. I wish we could get down there tomorrow but with my baking schedule we will have to wait until Monday so hopefully  the oven will still be there.
Thankful for a good sales day today.
After I left market I went out to the Johnson's fruit stand and then to Ingles and Aldi for baking supplies and groceries. I also stopped at a carwash and sprayed all the pollen off my Honda. Now it's back silver instead of that yucky green color  at least for this evening !!!
When I got home I unloaded and put everything away . I sat on the porch until Candy M came after a cake she had ordered and then Re brought the kids by to play for a few minutes with Pumpkin .
Hubbie and I followed them home to check out their goat lot they have built this week. We said good bye to the kids for the week as they are traveling to Ohio tomorrow. Aa is staying home to take care of all the animals and work.
4 years old going on 16 !!!!!

We came back home and did chores for the evening.
Earlier today d-in-love sent these pics of g-son receiving his AB honor roll and perfect attendance awards at school.

He looks proud and we are very proud of him !!
This has been another mid 70's day with bright sunshine until late this evening when some dark clouds rolled in. Maybe we will get a shower of rain overnight as we need rain again already with all the hot sunshine and wind of the last several days.
A very special day is celebrated today as this is Maundy Thursday, the day of the Lord's Supper, when Jesus washed the feet of all His disiples and served them the last meal they would have with him.  He also let them know that He knew He was going to be betrayed by one of them.
Thankful today for the wondrous love of  The Father who willingly sent His one and only Son to die for the sins of mankind.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

i hope you find your new oven soon. I also want to wish you a very Happy and Blessed Easter.