Tuesday, April 4, 2017


7am came very early today after the late night ballgame !!!
G-daughter had her breakfast while I did chores and got the furniture covers that I forgot last week loaded in the Honda.
G-daughter didn't go to sleep on the way to her play school like I was hoping she might so I could stop and get the covers started washing on the way.
I stopped at the laundry on my way home and got all these covers washed and dried. I finished chores when I got home around 9:30.
I had another cup of coffee and read my devotions for the day. Then I took a nice walk on this sunny warm day. The rains of the last several days has really brought out more spring time color around the farm.
My apple trees are loaded with blooms.
The late pear tree is also loaded with blossoms.
Redbud trees are always a bright spot in spring with their branches cover in bright pink flowers before any leaves come out.
A couple more Azaleas are blooming today.

And even the Money Plant is starting to bloom.
Another sure sign of spring time is the arrival around the bird houses of several pairs of Eastern Bluebirds.
After I got back inside it was time to pick up g-daughter. She went to sleep on the way home and slept in her car seat for over an hour but woke up very cranky and acted like her ear was hurting again.
I took her outside to swing and let her explore her favorite places but by the look on her sweet face I could tell she did not feel like her regular self today.
Her "friends" are always ready to play any time she is outside !!
After d-in-love picked her up Re brought EL and BB over for a little while to play. Daughter was with them to look at some of Re's baby things to use.

BB loves driving the tractor !!!!

After a nice visit they left to go home to fix supper and hubbie  got on the lawn mower for the first lawn mowing of this season. I love the smell of freshly mowed grass.
 Unfortunately her had to stop a little short of getting all of it mowed because the belt broke on the mower.
After I did the chores I sat in the outside patio and watched the sun set in a clear sky for a nice change.
Tomorrow we are already under warnings and watches for severe storms We are in the "enhanced" damage area for these storms as they begin about noon tomorrow.
Praying for all the folks who are in the paths of these storms as they move through the area tomorrow ,may God's protective arms wrap us in the comfort only He can give.
Thankful for a very blessed day today.
God Bless and Good Night

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