Monday, April 10, 2017


G-daughter arrived a little after 7am to get this week off to a busy start.
After chores and breakfast we got a call from daughter telling us they had changed her new washer and dryer arrival time instead of later this afternoon to this morning between 10:00 and noon.
Hubbie went over to her house to wait for them to get there leaving g-daughter and me her to get the weekly laundry started.
She made the trips up and down the basement stairs happily with those short little legs and I knew she was getting very tired. She finally reached up for me and layed her head on my shoulder. I sat down with her in the rocker to watch the noon news cast and she went to sleep quickly .
Hubbie made it home about 12:30 with the installation complete at daughters. He ate his lunch then took g-daughter while I ate my lunch.
She only slept an hour then she had her lunch of green beans and oranges !!
After all the laundry was finished we rode into town to check out the double oven deals. The 50% of sale at Sears ended Saturday night . But I really don't want to deal with Sears again anyway. And as I read more reviews about all the ovens they sell having the same problems as mine and the same complaints that I have that their repair people have no idea how to fix these problems it just makes me even more surer I don't want to deal with them anymore. However that eliminates any Frigidare ovens because that's who makes the Kenmore ovens that Sears sells.
I am in a bind and have no idea what I'm going to do yet. I'm just thankful that at least I still have one oven that is working somewhat !!
G-daughter liked to ride in the buggy and look all around at the pretty blooming flowers as we also checked out some patio stones we are thinking about putting down in our back yard.
In the mall the Easter bunny called her over but she acted like she was not impressed at all by this big furry bunny !!!  She didn't act scared just uninterested !!!
As we drove home the apple orchards are really putting on a beautiful show right now around the area. Thankfully the cold weather doesn't seem to have hampered the blooms.
We came home and played with g-daughter until her mom came after her.
Today is the last day of the "waxing" moon since tomorrow is the "full" moon and by the Old Farmers Almanac gardening calendar all above ground vegetables need to be planted during the "waxing" moon so we planted out lettuce and Kale greens tonight to get a start on our early garden this year.
If it doesn't rain too much we are hoping to get the potatoes and onions and other root crops in later in the week on the "waning" moon phase.
After chores we watched the news then I did paperwork tonight to catch some things up and then searched on the internet for oven prices. We may have to make a trip out of state to buy an oven !
Thankful for the blessings of this beautiful day and for the greatest gift of all as this Holy week continues as Jesus entered the temple.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Glad you are able to start you garden. Farmers around here will have to wait as the fields are all still under water. The apple blossoms are so pretty; I am seeing some trees starting to bud. If you need rain I'll be happy to send you some of ours.. Blessings