Monday, April 17, 2017


An earlier than usual alarm sounded this morning just before the sunrise. Hubbie and I did chores and then headed south down the interstate to Chesnee,SC to look at the oven I called about Thursday. Traffic was light thankfully on the way down the mountain and we watched the sun rise and hoped the rain predicted for today would hold off until we could get the oven back home.

A place called Watson's Furniture is where we went located in downtown Chesnee. They have several buildings and the "scratch and dent" appliances were in one of them. There was a lot of things in there but only one double convection oven. Thankfully the Kitchenaide oven I called about was still there. We also bought a new dish washer as ours is on it's last leg. We got a stainless steel tub in a Maytag dishwasher . The old man that was helping us was Mr. Watson and he owned the place and had worked there 56 years he said. The dishwasher in his opinion was the best buy he had. It retails for $850 and we got it for $349. It has a small scratch on the front and a dent in the top corner which will be hidden under the cabinet.
The oven retailed for $3399 and we paid $1695 for it and couldn't find anything but a small dent in the side which will be hidden in the cabinet . I feel like both were great deals and they come with the 1-year warranty all new appliances come with.
We got them loaded up, tied down and headed home. We made one stop at the Strawberry Hill shed to get fresh strawberries.
As we came up the mountain the clouds got thicker but we made it safely and dry and got the truck backed in the barn by 11:00.
We both hadn't eaten anything but breakfast bars this morning so we had an early lunch of left overs.
After lunch we went up to a green house in the Blantyre area of Transylvania county and got our garden plants. They have pretty good prices and their plants are supposed to be locally grown and very hardy for the area. Daughter met us there after her doctor's appointment where everything was okay for her. Speaking of doctor visits ,d-in-love sent me this pic of g-son at the emergency clinic this morning. He had a 102 fever, sore throat and felt really bad but they did all the flu and strep test and they all were negative so they assume he has a virus. Poor guy, not a good way to start spring break !
We left the green houses and came home to get some outside work done as the rain still hasn't gotten here yet. It was raining on the other side of town as we drove home but it didn't reach here.
Hubbie tilled the garden to get it ready for planting when all this weeks predicted rain is over.
I planted a row of sugar snap peas that I had forgotten to plant last week.
I also cleaned out the flower beds around the porches and emptied some pots so I can be ready for more plants .
I have decided to plant some flowers seeds this year instead of buying alot of plants so if it is a dry summer I won't feel so bad if they die.
I also did the weekly 3 loads of laundry this afternoon.
After chores #1 son brought the kids up and helped hubbie get the new oven in place and hooked up.
My job was playing with the kids.
I am glad this guy is feeling a bit better and his sister loved having him push her on the swing.

It started raining so we had to come inside and g-son had to help his dad and pawpaw with holding a light to hook the wires up in back of the oven.
I love the oven and both ovens work very well as I tried each to make sure they worked since it is a scratch and dent product.
We didn't get the dishwasher in tonight but that is very light and hubbie and I should be able to get it done alone.
I am very tired tonight but this has been a good first day of spring break week when I get a bunch of things done without babysitting duties on any days.
We got a pretty good short rain shower tonight but are hoping for more over night.
Thankful for the blessing of safe travel and for the blessing of family that is always willing to help.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I am so happy you finally got your new oven. What a fantastic price on it! It looks super in it's cabinet. So sorry to hear g-son isn't feeling well - thankful it wasn't anything serious. Enjoy your new oven. Blessings