Friday, April 14, 2017


Good Friday ???  I have never figured out why it's called good ,as there certainly wasn't anything good about it for Jesus !!!  As He was hung on that cross and left to die in the company of two common thieves He must surely have thought this was the worst day of His life. But just like we have the opportunity to do anytime we are in distress He called out to His Father and the suffering ended.
And in the end it was a good Friday for all Christians as this action allowed us to be cleansed from our sins .

On this morning after chores and breakfast I took a quick walk to get me energized for the busy day.
All the dogs were already stretched out sleeping in the warm sunshine so I walked in the lower pastures today. The clear water of Clear creek that runs through our pastures is always a nice sight to me.
It is another beautiful day !!!

Our farm pond is bank full with all the recent rains but I know it won't take the hot sunshine long to sap all this water.
This beautiful Azalea that moved itself after the addition of our front porch is getting back to it's original glory.
This is the kind of day it is as the heat climbs early and makes everything feel lazy. Pumpkin the cat must have had a long night !!!!

I had devotions and then started baking for the day. I baked 12 caramel, 4 coconut, 1 chocolate, 2 pound, 2 strawberry wine and 2 pans of brownies before shutting the oven off at 3:30 for a lonnnngg day of baking. My feet and legs are screaming as I went outside and sat down for a few minutes in the warm sunshine. Actually it was hot sunshine with the 81 degree temps of the afternoon.
Daughter and a friend came by to pick up some things for a fund raiser they are doing at the local winery this afternoon.
I sat in the shade of the front porch and watched a thunderstorm pass to the south of our area but all we got was the sound of distant thunder.
As soon as hubbie came in from work I went to the local Dollar General store and Ingles to get things for the Easter egg hunt on Sunday and for a couple weekend dinners.
When I came home hubbie was helping #1 son get a bathtub stall upstairs in the new bathroom he is making in his house.
I did chores and then started icing my cakes and getting things ready for market. I am optimistic for a good sales day tomorrow but there is a lot of Easter activities going on around town and the annual steeplechase horse race is going on in Tryon so who knows what kind of day it will be ???
I have several orders so that is a good thing and will add to the sales even if it is slow .
I finished all my icings and got into bed at midnight with very tired legs and aching knees.
This morning as I walked I noticed these Dogwood trees in front of the house are blooming just in time for the significance of their shape.

I love the legend of the Dogwood tree.

As this Good Friday comes to an end I am humbly grateful for the wonderful gift of a Savior who makes it possible to be forgiven for all my sins. I can only imagine the sorrow God the Father felt as He watched His One and Only Son nailed to a cross and taunted by people who just days before had welcomed Him with open hearts.

God Bless and Good Night.

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