Wednesday, April 5, 2017


UHHHH !!! Another damp cloudy morning as I slip and slide around in the mud to get the morning chores done.
After breakfast and devotions I started cleaning. Since hubbie and I worked outside on last Wednesday and the inside housework was neglected today's cleaning was more than necessary !!
I worked until 2:30 with only a short break for lunch.
The rain started about 11am and has been pretty constant all day. No severe storms but just in case of the predicted large hail and high wind storms I put my Honda in the barn earlier today.
Thankfully I have heard thunder but none really close. On the news there was a story of a barn fire in Polk county just south of us that was caused by lightening.
After finishing my cleaning I went to my office to do some paperwork. I got the business figures for March in the books and it was only a slightly better month than February but at least I'm still going up.
I did the weekly paperwork while I was there so that was done for the week.
I also got all the April decade pics sorted out which is exceptionally early for me to get this done in the first week of the month !! This rainy day turned out to be a very industrious day for me.
On the news tonight our area is still in the enhanced area for storms from a line that is now crossing Tennessee. We have already had 1 and 1/10th inch of rain today so I look for another overnight flood.
This evening just as darkness settled in Josh's mom came after some Curly Willow branches for a wedding she is decorating for this weekend . Hubbie and Josh cut a bunch of large limbs from the tree and loaded them into Connie's Honda Pilot. Thankful for the break in the rains so we could get this done.
Since there are no other pics for today it is a great time to start the decade series. In 1957 my photo taking aunt Hattie worked overtime on me and my brother.  I'm sure some of these are Easter pics since Easter was on April 21 in 1957.
My mom Goldie with my brother , Robert who would have been 8 months old and me who was 2 years and 9 months old at that time.

Another set of pics from that month.

Me and my pet hen.....  If my memory serves me correct I think I squeezed my hen a little too hard and she met her demise when an egg inside her broke !!!
My dad was in the chicken raising business at that time and I was loving the baby chicks.

Another pic of just me.
Love these old photos and am so thankful that my aunt took time to make alot of pictures !!!
We are just waiting tonight to see how much noise and damage the storms bring over night.
Thankful for the blessings of health and family today with all the memories that I have and pray that it be God's will for me to continue making many more memories with my wonderful family.
God Bless and Good Night

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