Thursday, September 21, 2017


Wondering where g-daughter RL was this morning as 7:15 came and went ?? Got a call from d-in-love saying she had locked all her keys inside so hubbie walked down to her house and took the extra set to open her door and brought RL back up with him.
I did chores then got ready for market. I left with g-daughter to drop her off at her pre school on my way to market and hubbie left to stop by the high school and pick up daughter's baked goods.
We met at market and got set up. It was a very slow sales morning but surprisingly sales picked up as the day wore on and I had a good sales day.
It was a sad market day today as we grieved the death of one of our long time members, Louise Hill , who was a wealth of knowledge and was glad to share with anyone. She had a heart attack last week and at the age of 85 wasn't able to survive the 4 stints they had to put in.
Louise with her husband , daughter and son.
Also got news that another market member's husband lost his battle with lung cancer yesterday.  Jimmy Carter was Tava Orr Carter's husband. Jimmy coached #1 son in baseball one year and  he was a really nice guy who will be missed greatly .

I bought cucumbers, yellow and zuchinni squash, 3 ears of corn and a Candy Roasters to make some pies for Sunday lunch dessert. I haven't had a pie made from this winter squash since I was a kid but my mom didn't like pumpkin pie but rather always used one of these to make our Fall pies and I remember really liking them so I'm going to give it a try.
I left market and ran the regular bank and PO errands then made stops at Aldi, Go Grocery and Walmart for groceries and baking supplies.
I made it home around 4:00 and hubbie helped me unload and get things put away.
It had sprinkled rain but not even enough to settle the dust on this 85 degree last full day of summer 2017.
I watched the news and then did chores .
Hurricane Maria is predicted to turn out to sea before it does any damage to the coast.
As this summer ends and Fall begins it is going to feel like summer for a while longer it looks like in this forecast.

I took a nice long walk in the lower pasture this evening. I thought our farm pond was covered with pond scum but looking closer saw that this is a small leafed Algae.
The murky water color of the creek always makes me sad as I know that the sewer treatment system upstream must have released this afternoon clouding the usually clear water in the creek.
As I walked I thought back over this past summer season and all the joys it brought to our family.
We had some very exciting and wonderful happenings this summer, starting with the birth of IR, our 3rd grandchild on June 20th , hubbie's retirement at the end of July and g-son's decision to dedicate his life to the Lord and be Baptized on August 20 were the main happenings this summer brought.
Hubbie and I made some fun lake trips with #2 son and Tif in their new boat and we spent a great vacation week on Oak Island at the beginning of August this year.
G-son finished up 4th grade in June and began his last year of elementary school in 5th grade in August. He also spent a very good week of vacations Bible School in July along with some camps and other fun things this summer.
We watched a historical eclipse in August and suffered damage from a powerful hurricane named Irma in early September.
Hubbie and I both got a year older this summer, 62 and 63 respectively.
All in all this summer is definitely one for the history books of our family and as I watched the sun go down for the last time in the summer of 2017 this evening I said a very very thankful prayer to our wonderful Creator for all the blessings and love He continually pours out on our family and looking forward to the next season of His love.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Happy First Day of Fall. May God Bless you.