Sunday, August 12, 2012


Look what I almost stepped on when I went out to do chores early this morning !!
Poor little thing must have flown into the glass door and really knocked herself silly. After getting my camera and snapping a couple pics I left her to see if she would fly away while I was gone.
Just a few minutes later daughter came by to pick up hubbie for Sunday school and saw the little bird. She picked it up to place it in a nearby bush but it flew from her hand to a tree branch nearby. Hopefully it will be okay.
Church was good today ,3 people joined our church  including an elderly man who is going to be Baptized, Glory to God !!  We also had Deacon nominations,I pray that God's will be done with this.
Hubbie and I came home and fixed a great summer garden lunch of mashed potatoes, fried squash, cucumber salad,green beans,corn on the cob,applewood smoked pork loin with peach cobbler for dessert,yum yum !!
Everyone made it for lunch and a nice visit. I had a great relaxing Sunday afternoon and evening.
A true day of rest for me to recharge for another busy August week.
The weather has been really great with sunshine and high temps in the mid 70's with another mid 50's night expected.
The national weather maps show why the price of food in the stores is rising quickly in anticipation of a low corn harvest in the middle corn belt states.
With higher than normal temperatures coupled with drier than normal conditions for that area we will all suffer as corn will be at a premium this fall.

I thank God each day for the rainfall and great growing conditions we have had here this season so far. I have another basket of tomatoes that hubbie picked last night waiting to be made into salsa tomorrow.
I am sitting here yawning at 10:00 so I think I will sign off and head to bath and bed early.
Thanking God for all the blessings He gave me today and asking for His blessing on me and my family tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Gas prices are going crazy... Now---food prices will just continue to rise and rise... Our country is in a mess --for so many reasons (some we should be able to control and some we can't)...

BUT---after that bad news, I will say that our weekend has been PERFECT. I could get used to this kind of weather ALL of the TIME... ha

Poor little birdie... Hope he was okay.

linda m said...

Poor bird, I hope it is okay. Prices here are going through the roof and our corn crop is pathetic. I ask God every day to Bless this Country and it's people. Hopefully things turn around sooner than later.