Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I felt strange this morning waking up alone without  g-son 2" from my face announcing "it's morning time Neena". Other g-ma is taking her turn today.
After chores and breakfast I did my exercise tape and went for my morning walk under the still threatening skies.
I decided to work on a sewing order this morning while it is still really cool in my sewing shop. I used to make herbal hot packs and hot neck wraps for sale at market. With the arrival of g-son these went by the wayside with many other projects that I used to make. I enjoy these crafty things and hope when g-son starts school I will have time to re-visit many of them.
Anyway since I took an order for the hot packs I needed to take time to get some done. I mixed up a sinus pack filler of dried basil,thyme and oregano leaves and dropped in a few drops of rosemary and tea tree oil into the rice. These packs when heated in the microwave have a nice moist heat.
 This smelled wonderful and cleared my sinus just working with it. I mixed up too much for the order so I had enough to do 2 more packs to put on my table.
 The order also included a large rice filled heatable neck wrap. I make washable muslin cases to hold each pack.

I was so absorbed in these projects it was past lunch time when I finished.
After a quick sandwich lunch I started my baking for the day. 46 layers,2 pound and 1 wine cake later I was on the phone to take care of some business that I have been putting off for a couple weeks. Minor things but those things that just require time, which lately has been in short supply for me.
#2 son called wanting us to go with him to meet his realtor at 6:30 to look at another house.
I made a cake delivery at 3 under a shower of light rain and some dark clouds but by the time I got back home the sky was blue for the first time today.
I settled in to get the weekly paperwork done early because there was an extra amount this week with the phone calls made.
When hubbie got home we did chores early and after a light supper headed over to meet #2 son.
The house is really nice and almost new,built in 2010 and he loves the location. We do to also because it is pretty close and no big hills to get out to go to work in the snow this winter.
I really hope he gets a deal on this house. It is in foreclosure with an out of town bank so we will see what happens , he is putting in an offer tomorrow.
Back home I tackled my icing chores and got my Avon order bagged for delivery tomorrow also. Whew, I am going to start calling Wednesdays, "WHIRLWIND WEDNESDAYS". And really therre were several things on my "to do" list for today that didn't get even thought off, like any housework that needed to be done today while g-son isn't here
The bed felt extra good at about midnight when things were finally finished for this day.
God is good always !!!
Good Night and God Bless.

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