Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Up with g-son early,he seemed a little tired this morning but we fought through it because I'm sure he will be tired when school starts next week. Found out later that his dad got called out on a late DOT emergency of a tree down on the interstate and he and his mom stayed up later than normal.
After morning chores,breakfast, exercise and a walk in the foggy muggy morning I put an Avon order online and then tackled my baking for tomorrow.
I baked 40 layers and a couple pound cakes before I was finished in the early afternoon. I asked g-son if he wanted to go outside and ride his jeep or wagon but he said no because it looked like it was going to rain.  The clouds never produced any rain and I thought we were going to get a 24 hour day without any raindrops. But it was not the plan as about 11:00 the distant thunder came closer and then the pouring rain and wind started with a vengence. It seemed to be making up for almost missing today.
Here at the farm we only got a little over an inch of rain in about 30 minutes but above and to the southeast of us they really got dumped on.
#1 son was called out again about midnight for the second night in a row to put up high water signs on many roads that were flooded. Our creek was bank full but didn't get out thankfully.
What a summer we are having !!! The torrential rains have been often and severe and they are so unpredictable. We hardly ever see storms move through like those tonight with the temperatures in the low 60's.
This is gonna be a loooonnnnggg  night !!!!
To take my mind off the storm outside here are some scenes around the farm in August of 2002.
Some of our cattle.
Our registered Angus bull.
Willie the farm dog.
Pepsie the six toed farm mouser .
#1 son's new truck .

Praying for all the folks in harm's way tonight and being very grateful that our area was spared.
Good Night and God Bless.

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