Saturday, August 18, 2012


Another foggy cloudy morning greeted me on this market day Saturday.
I got an unwelcome surprise  when I arrived at market to see the parking lot full of emergency vehicles. As I sat in the van waiting to get inside a stretcher was wheeled out with a good friend of mine on it. Carol had not felt well this morning and when she got to market she started having chest pains. She had nitro glycerine tablets in her purse and started taking them as she asked them to call an ambulance. After 3 nitro tablets and some nitro gel the paramedics rubbed on her chest the pain finally subsided. She went on to the hospital for test to see what was wrong. I pray that she didn't have a heart attack. The last word we had from her daughter just before market closed was that they were still running test.
Not a good way to start the day for sure ! Praying for her and her daughter.
After I finally got set up market was good and there were lots of folks in there today. Daughter has been so busy with school starting duties she didn't bake anything for today so my table looked a little bare.
The chairman of the board of control over the market came to me today and said that they were going to give daughter the 2 tables she requested. I called her and that made her happy, that will give us more space to display our wares on.
One of the neighbors gave me this beautiful bouquet of mostly native wild flowers today.
I picked up baking supplies at Aldi and Walmart on the way home. Just as hubbie and I got the van unloaded it started to sprinkle rain and within just a few minutes we had another downpour which left 1" of rain in the gauge in less than 30 minutes. We've given up on fixing some of the gullies in our driveway !
I had picked up some pork chops to grill for supper but cooked them in the oven instead and had fresh corn and steamed yellow squash for supper tonight.
One of the neighbors at market traded me 1/2 bushel of peaches for a pound cake so this week I'll be freezing me some cereal toppings.
After the rain I sloshed back out to do the chores and check on some hatching little silkie chicks. So far she has 4 chicks and 2 eggs left to hatch.
Today has been another fall feeling day all day with the clouds the temperature stayed in the mid 70's and tonight it is headed for the 50's they say.As I type this I hear the rain has started again out there.
We have the dip in the jet stream to thank for the cool weather,I just hope it last a while !
Grateful  tonight for God's love.
Good Night and God Bless.

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