Friday, August 3, 2012


Woke at sunrise by chants of " it's morning, it's morning, lets go to the beach".
After we ate breakfast we walked down the street to the bay on a dreary morning. You could see the rain as it made it's way down the coast,thankfully away from us.

G-son found a swing by the bay.
He is becoming quite the little man and is a joy to be around.

This house is really nice and is in a small development which mostly is still under construction.

We headed out to Hunting Island state Park to wait out the rain sprinkles.

This is a fishing pier at the park, no one was catching much but it looked like a good place to fish.

There was a small aquarium there and g-son enjoyed looking at the fish,snakes and turtles ,especially " buddy" the pet turtle.
G-son reluctantly touched her after being assured by the ranger that the brackish water she was in killed the salmanella germs. Who new ??
When we came out of there the sun was winning the weather battle and we headed for the beach.
There was a lot of debree on this beach, where the trees are continually being over taken by the ocean.

G-son had a ball for 3 hours he played in the ocean with his pawpaw and his Aunt T.

We met some friends there that were vacationing in the area also.
We finally convinced g-son to get out of the water and  on the way out of the park we stopped by the ranger's station. As we walked up the walk we spotted something in the algae covered water below that was another highlight of g-son's day.
An alligator in the wild !!! On this hot 90 degree day he was staying cool under the film of algae but he did move his head slightly to let us know he was watching us.

We decided since all we had eaten was a hotdog for lunch from the hotdog cart at the beach we would get ahead of the crowds and eat early.
We drove to Palm Royal to a Dockside restaurant.
The food was very good .
Even g-son is making up for not eating since lunchtime.

We came back to the house and picked up the dogs and went to check out another beach in the area called Sands Beach.
It wasn't a very good beach for playing in the sand or running around because of all the shells. It was a wonderful place to shell hunt.
G-son and Bernie were becoming best buddies.
Daughter and her dog Tipper.
We walked out this long boardwalk and climbed up in this tower to g-son delight.
The sun sets on our first day at Beaufort,SC.
It has been a great first day of a short trip to discover a place I've never been and I know  someone who had a wonderful time but I won't mention any names !!!

Grateful to God for another beautiful day discovering more of His astonishing work in nature. Prayerfully seeking His loving protective arms for the rest of our visit.
Good Night and God Bless.

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