Saturday, August 4, 2012


Up not quite as early as yesterday morning,I almost made it to my regular alarm time on my cell phone.
G-son slept soundly all night cuddled with his stuffed dog "Lavatory" and his soft blanket.
After breakfast and a walk down to the bay with the dogs and a few more swings on the old rope swing it was beach time. It is a beautiful morning today but already getting hot !

We decided to go back to the same park beach as yesterday but knew it would be more crowded since this is the weekend. We wanted to see the lighthouse that was inside the park.

Although we sat in line to get into the park and there were many more cars than yesterday the beach still wasn't jammed. G-son said the ocean's all mine !!!

G-son learned something new from some other kids. He learned to ride the waves on his bugy board. Over and over again.

Getting slammed under the water from time to time he would get up and want to do it again.

He wore all of us out until we finally had to get him to play on the beach.

He made friends today with several kids that were there.

These old undermined cabin foundations made the perfect hot tub.

We watched the clouds keep building over the ocean and about 2:30 we decided they were getting too close and left before the entire crowd decided to do the same at the same time.
 I don't know if it did ever rain there or not but as we came back to Beaufort which is about 20 miles the sun was shining.
We ate a late lunch and then walked up town on the old main street.

As we walked we passed several old anti-bellom houses. The downstairs part of these houses under the porches was the slaves quarters. Some of these homes are huge. I would love to see inside of some of them.
After we shopped we went to the waterfront park. Which reminds me alot of the waterfront at Charleston,SC.

There was a huge playground there and g-son spent a couple hours making new friends and having a ball.

Especially on this huge rope cylinder which would spin when pushed.

As we walked back to the house everyone agreed that this was a really good day but that we would be ready to go home tomorrow to see his mom and dad.
We packed and cleaned some tonight so we can get an early start tomorrow and hopefully beat the predicted rain.
Grateful tonight for God and the blessings He has bestowed on us as we enjoy a leisurely weekend of fun.Praying for travel safety tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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