Thursday, August 2, 2012


WHEW!!! What a stressfull day !!! Hurried through chores,made it to market on time and had a pretty good selling day although not nearly as good as the past several Thursdays. During market I got the impression that daughter is going to be overlooked on a request she had made a couple years ago. I fail to understand why the curb market board would do such a thing but it looks like it is happening. I am praying hard to keep these feelings from boiling over and maintain a calm for my healths sake,so I just left early and went about my errands. On my second stop the rain started pouring down. Luckily I was inside CVS when the worst of it came through. The wind blew their doors open and rain came inside the store,wetting everything within 10 feet of the door.  I just hung out until it slacked off some.
Now stress #2 for the day, I went to pick up my glasses that had the adjustment only to find out no adjustment had been made !!  Seems everyone is off or leaves early on Thursdays although the sign says they are open Mon-Fri from 8 to 5.  I told the lone receptionist who was there that Thursdays were my only days in  town and without g-son. I am supposed to call her next week and see what she can work out, if not I'll get my money back and deal with some one who works on Thursdays. GRRRRRR!!!!
On the way home I seemed to be catching up to the rain storm that had been in town. I had to sit in the van and wait for it to pass before I could unload when I got home.
Hubbie came in from work a little early so we could get a head start on getting ready for our trip.
Surprise,surprise ! When I said Wednesday that I would talk later about why the day was so hectically busy, it was because I was packing for a trip south along with everything else.
Daughter has a friend who just last winter had a new house built in Beaufort,SC. Daughter visited earlier in the summer and she wanted us to see the beautiful house and Beaufort area so we have been planning this trip for over a month.
With no babysitter for Friday #1 son and D-in-love decided to let g-son go with us.

This is his first trip away from his mom and dad with us. He looks like he is going to be fine. With technology and food who wouldn't be !!

We left at 7pm and made it to the house with several road construction projects to wriggle through and 2 dog walking, potty stops we arrived at the house in Beaufort at 11:15.  Got everything inside and hit the bed. The stress of the day plus normal travel stress has wiped me out.
So so grateful to God for a safe trip and for helping me find ways to leave my stress in Hendersonville.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

How wonderful that your grandson got to go too.

...and you got rain!!!!!