Monday, August 6, 2012


A mixed morning of clouds and sun greeted me instead of the predicted rain.
G-son arrived before 7am but slept until about 9. He wanted to know when we were going back to the beach?
After chores and breakfast I did an exercise tape and walked outside in the nice sunshine.
In between helping g-son put a new toy game together I did a load of sheets and towels from the beach to hang on the line to dry. I put away the remaining things from our trip to be ready for next time.
After lunch I ran and gathered my laundry off the line when the clouds grew dark and the thunder began. We never really got a storm thankfully but it did rain lightly this evening. I emptied 8/10ths of an inch from the rain gauge this morning from Friday's rain storm.
With these Roma tomatoes looking at me each time I walked past the dining room table I knew what this evening would be filled with.
I gathered all the canning utensils back around and spent the afternoon making another batch of salsa.
If you have followed my blog long you know I use this for the spice mixture and add bell peppers and onions to the tomatoes.
These Roma tomatoes are grown for this purpose and they make a thick chunky salsa that we all love. I also added 3 hot banana peppers to this batch.
It's hard to believe these different tomatoes make the salsa so different than regular tomatoes.
This pot of salsa made 11 more jars for the pantry.

Yum,Yum !!!

I still have almost 1/2 bushel of regular tomatoes and will make spaghetti sauce tomorrow with them.
Hubbie came in from work with feed and bird seed and talked about how much the feed has gone up.
I guess they are getting a jump on the corn shortage .
#1 son came after g-son and they headed off to g-son's karate lesson.
I did chores early and went to my Monday night nutrition class at church. Daughter met me there but didn't stay for the exercises as she had a headache.
We had fun in the class and the exercises weren't too hard tonight. Unfortunately our 60 person class has dwindled down to 12 members tonight.
During class I watched the rain outside the windows get hard at times. When I came home it was still raining lightly here.
Thanking God for my blessings of the day and asking for His blessings and guidance for all my kids.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Your salsa looks really good. Do you sell any at the market? Hubby and I really love salsa but I don't make my own.