Thursday, August 16, 2012


Market day seems to come around more often than just 2 days a week sometimes. As I dragged my tired body out of the nice warm bed this morning I did remember to thank God for waking me up as He does each day.
Market was slow as it has been on Thursday lately. I am thankful for what I did sell.
I rushed to an Avon delivery and a couple routine errands on my way to the dermatologist . I have a large spot that just came up on my leg this summer and he didn't know what it was either,so he bi-opsied it to find out. It is so large he didn't want to take the whole thing off unless it was necessary.
He said I was smart to come in and not take any chances with my history of melanoma and bowman's disease.
I shopped for baking supplies after I left the doctor and made it home around 4:30. It has been a very nice day with sunshine and mid 80's temperatures.
As I came up the drive this afternoon this guy was fishing in the pasture pond.
I wished I had my telephoto lens camera but you can click on this and see that this was a huge white heron,one of the largest I've seen around here.

After getting unloaded and catching a part of the news cast I did chores and then hubbie and I went over to daughter's house. He sprayed weed killer on her banks and wooded areas while we visited.
#2 son came in and said he was still having bad luck on the house hunting as someone had already made and offer on the house we looked at yesterday and apparently it had been accepted. He was disappointed  and so was I.
Hubbie and I came home before dark and finished chores and then I iced 12 caramel cakes to get a head start on tomorrow's baking chores.
I am grateful tonight for God's guidance in all that I do and I pray for His guidance for my children each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


knancy said...

I am so glad you posted the picture of the white heron as I saw one here in West Virginia just a few weeks ago. I had never seen one so big and so white! Geographically, for a bird, we are neighbors and he/she may just be visiting! Love reading about your everyday chores and how great your family is doing.

linda m said...

We have Blue Herons around my house as well as Sandhill Cranes. The big birds are so majestic looking. I love reading your blog. Sure hope your son finds a house soon. I'll say an extra prayer for him.