Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Woke to a cloudy morning. D-in-love sent me pictures she took of g-son's first day of kindergarten.
He was up extra early and raring to go.
This is before they got in the car to be on their way.
He knew exactly where his room was after being there only one time before.
He already has some friends in the class and got to sit beside one of the pretty ones so he loves it.
He is growing so fast !!!
I had a regular morning of chores,exercise and walking. This is some of Issac's clouds filling the skies over us this morning.
He is such a huge storm the rains are flooding some of the east coast towns.
 We escaped any rain except one small sprinkle that sent me scrambling to the clothes line to gather almost dry laundry this afternoon.
I made a change in my schedule since g-son has started school making Tuesday my only cleaning and laundry day. I cleaned , changed all the furniture covers and did extra first of the month cleaning and did laundry all day until it was time to go pick up g-son at 3:00.
This was the car rider line this afternoon. I went at the worst possible time and had to sit in line over 15 minutes. I will go later next time since g-son said he wanted to be picked up last anyway.
He had a very good day and said he learned to "listen" today.
He was hungry when we got home  and then it was back to his regular playtime.
After he went home and hubbie and I  did chores our lone old cow and the renter's bull decided to have a sparing contest on the fence so Aaron came up and we hooked up a hot wire along that portion of fence which should stop the sparing.
It was dark when we came inside.
He said his wife was feeling better from her intense morning sickness and gone to work tonight.

Issac's fury has been felt all day in different coastal cities,even in Charleston,SC where these guys canoed down the streets.
The waves on the gulf coast of Florida were high.
And the coast of Alabama suffered damage from the slow (7mph) huge storm.
Tonight it finally made landfall in Louisiana near New Orleans.
The predicted rain totals are staggering for that area and everyone is praying that the rebuilt leveys hold back the water.
The track takes it a bit farther west than yesterday's which is even better for us here in NC.
Our worst rain is suppose to come tomorrow from the outer bands that are still pulling water from the Atlantic.
Praying for all the people in the path of this storm,may God keep you safe and may He comfort and be your guide in the aftermath.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Praying that you don't hit too hard with the rain. Looks like g-son's first day of school was a success.