Monday, August 20, 2012


G-son arrived before 7am and hubbie got up to give him his side of the bed but g-son didn't need to go back to sleep today.
After chores ,breakfast and exercises I was joined on my walk.
He was showing me how to get the most out of my walk !!
Hubbie who is back to his regular Mondays off had ran to Walmart to return something and pick up some dog food.
When he got back we got our fall garden planting started. We planted the area where all the corn blew down in kale greens. This is our favorite green to eat and the chickens also love the tender leaves for some green vitamins in the winter months.
Our late garden vegetables are looking good right now,we are keeping our fingers crossed.
These yellow squash are blooming.
And the tomatoes are starting to load the vines.

G-son wanted to ride his jeep today,it is another cool,mid 70's day but really sunny.
We let the battery charge during lunch and as soon as Pawpaw got it in place he was off.

Flash wore himself out following along !!
While he rode around our big circle drive I pruned bushes that are over taking some of my beds and patios with all the recent rains.
I left piles like this all around the yard and hubbie came along with the pitch fork and carried them away.
I admired these Kousa Dogwood berries. The birds love these things.

When the battery got low in his jeep g-son went inside and came back out with his bike helmet on.
He soon discovered the little bake he rode last spring was too small now.
So hubbie got his bigger bike that I found at a garage sale last fall and blew the tires up and it was just right now.
This little guy should sleep very well tonight with all this activity today. After his bike ride he got a wagon out and rode down the hill in it until it turned over and bounced him out on his bottom.
One week from tomorrow is his first day at kindergarten so I think he is trying to squeeze the last bit of fun time out of summer.
We thought we were going to get a storm this evening but it went below us with only a few sprinkles here.
Here is the latest additions at our farm and mama seems to be vigilantly taking care of all 6 of them.

I went to my nutrition class tonight and was pleased with this weeks figures. We have 1 more meeting next Monday and then I will reveal my progress report.
On the way home I saw this beautiful sunset.
I know this post is picture over load but I need to add one more. I think these Peace Lily blooms are so unique. I bought this one when my father in law died to use at his funeral and it has been a part of my inside collection ever since. It winters in the living room and summers in the sun room and even in the bright light out here it blooms these pretty white flowers from which it gets its name.
The white part represents a white flag of surrender and the yellow pistols represents the pole the white flag waves on. Which is a sign of peace !
Grateful for the beauty God puts in our world each day, thankful for the opportunity to praise Him as we do in our class each Monday night.
Good night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

What a nice post... Looks like your grandson got lots of great activity in today!!!! He's such a cutie!!!

I love Kale Greens --but haven't had any in years and years. My mother used to make it ---and I loved it. Don't think I've had any since I was a teen...

Can't wait to hear all about your nutrition class and results.


linda m said...

Your grandson seems to be a bundle of energy. Wow, he would wear me out. Looking forward to your progress report.

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