Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Up before 7am to get g-son and we stayed awake today. So I got an early start on my day.
Sadly when I went out to let the hens out I found my huge blue orphington rooster dead in the house.
Never again will I be awaken by the crowing of this beautiful guy.
I noticed that he was kind of droopy the last couple days but he was eating so I didn't think anything was wrong. Sometimes things happen to chickens that you never see coming. Luckily I didn't sell the younger blue orphington I have so at least I have a replacement although he is darker gray and it will be a while before he starts crowing loud enough for me to hear inside the house.
After breakfast,exercise and a walk in the nice sunny weather I baked cakes. 32 layers , 3 pound and 2 wine cakes.
When these were finished g-son and I read books and played games for awhile until his dad came after him.
I went outside and pulled weeds this evening from my patios and fed them to the chickens. It was 87 degrees earlier today but the cloud cover this afternoon dropped the temperature to a nice 78.
This is not a bad mid-August forecast for the next 7 days !!
Note that 59 degree low !!!
I iced cakes and did paperwork tonight getting things done early because I am feeling my early morning more and more as the evening goes on.

In my decade photo search I found this pic of my mother ( top with big buttons on her dress) and her sister Carol ( I think)  marked August 21,1952.
I actually remember the dress she has on, it was yellow and she wore it for years. I can't really see her shoes but I bet she has on a pair of plastic yellow sandels that I remember also.
Funny how some things just stick in your memory.
Grateful to God tonight for the blessings He gave me today and praying for His guidance tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Sorry to hear you lost your rooster. A person gets used to the animals around them and when one dies we miss them. I think my mother had a dress very similar to the one your mother is wearing. The picture brought back a flood of memories. Thanks for sharing it.