Friday, August 17, 2012


Up before 7am to get g-son inside. He wasn't going back to sleep so I turned the bedroom TV on and we watched some early morning Sesame Street.
It is really cool this morning as I headed out to do chores. Feels like fall is in the air.
After breakfast we did exercise,or should I say, I exercised,he supervised, telling me I wasn't doing it like the people on the video !!  I told him I wasn't as flexible as those younger people,to which he replied, "then what good is it to do the exercises if you aren't doing them right?" ?????
It was a cloudy day and when I came back inside from my walk this is what my living room looked like.
I have no idea what these blanket fences were all about and didn't ask !!
I baked 18 layers and 2 wine cakes today for tomorrow's orders.
Then g-son and I played like we were having a party with some of his stuffed animals on our king size bed. It felt good to find a game I could lay down and play.
Late this afternoon the sun finally peeked out for a little while but the temperature stayed in the mid 70's all day making it a day to turn the AC off and open the windows and doors. Hopefully the forecasters are correct and we can leave it off at least for next week.
It will be nice to sleep to the sound of the frogs tonight coming through the open windows.

After chores this evening I iced caramel,chocolate and coconut cakes, labeled everything and got ready for market. I can tell things are slowing down by the absence of orders.

Back in 1992 I wasn't baking or worrying about market business. I was just enjoying my kids and getting the most out of their summer vacation.
Our annual trip to Dollywood was in August of 1992. My nephew always went with us and this year my oldest brother, his wife and daughter along with my mother also made the trip.
Hubbie and I look ready to tackle the park.
Daughter and my niece ride the airplanes.
#1 son and nephew in the buggy with #2 son in the orange shirt doing what boys do best .
My brother having dinner inside the park.
My mother at the restaurant. As I remember she did not enjoy the park because all the walking hurt her feet and legs.
Brother took his family and mother on home while my family stayed for the night to enjoy more rides outside the park.
 That is our white Aerostar mini van in the background of this picture.

We got free entertainment on the way home.
 #2 and #1 son
Nephew and #2 son

I really enjoy these memory post ,they always make me smile.  This nephew is the father of a little boy that is turning 1 year old Sunday. My how time flys !!!
Thankful everyday of the blessings God has given me through the years and continues to give each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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