Monday, August 13, 2012


G-son came before 7am but slept in until almost 9 this morning. I had chores done and hubbie was heading out to get a haircut when we heard him getting up.
As hubbie started down the drive he stopped the truck and came back to the house. Snowball (our 19year old retired milk cow) had stumbled through the fence and was in the lower pasture with the renters calves. We headed her off from getting any farther down the hill, with her arthritic hips, we figured she wouldn't be able to get back up.
She hobbled slowly through the gate and headed for the barn to spend the rest of the day resting.
Before he left hubbie fixed the fence that she broke. Her chest was all scratched up by the barb wire and she acted like she was hurting.
I picked in the garden then started putting these things together.

To make 16 more jars of delicious salsa.
Hubbie loves pickled hot peppers and we have an abundance of them this year. He mixes them with green tomatoes for a colorful treat.
I also picked some of the red cayenne peppers and put them up for drying.

This little guy was my helper all day and he patiently waited for me to get finished so we could play games this afternoon.

After his dad picked him up I sat outside for a little while enjoying this cool mid 70's day.
This is what the view from my covered patio looks like now, with all the rain we have been blessed with lately things are really green.
I'm loving this rose that keeps blooming beside my front porch steps because I can smell that sweet fragrance each time I pass by.
After early chores daughter picked me up for our nutrition class at church. I have enjoyed this class so much and have learned so much about the foods we eat. We have 2 more classes and then I will publish my results from the 12 week course.
One thing I have found out is that this is a work in progress type thing that requires work and patience. But I will say one thing I see numbers on the scale now that I haven't seen in a long time !
I am learning to also devote more time to taking care of myself and also to praising my Lord for without Him none of this would be possible.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Sounds like you had a good day... Bet that Salsa is delicious!!!!

I am going to go to a nutritionist the end of the month to help me KEEP this weight off --now that I've lost it. I hope to learn alot about my eating habits and what to do to keep from over-eating and eating the wrong foods...


linda m said...

Sounds like you had a very productive day. Your salsa sure looks good. We have had a little rain here so things have started to green up. Congratulations on your weight loss.

Gail said...

We are still dry but our turn for rain is coming. Soon, I hope.