Monday, August 27, 2012


The last Monday before g-son starts to school started off early with his arrival then the arrival of a man to buy our cattle trailer. We bought this trailer in 1991 and had it delivered up here from Georgia.
It has hauled a lot of cattle and even some horses and goats in its time with us. It was kind of sad to see it go but we didn't want to see it just sit and rust down.
But it made it's last trip down our driveway early this morning. Another sign of a chapter in our lives coming to an end.
After chores,breakfast and exercise hubbie,g-son and I made a trip to town to run a couple errands.
While hubbie was turning the trailer tag in g-son found this little ride. I should have learned by now not to ask him to "smile" !!!
We came home and ate lunch here then hubbie mowed the lawn while g-son and I just hung out inside awhile. We read some books and played games in his play room. I will miss him being around all the time. Actually I have a sense of security when he is here,even at his age he could call for help.
Tomorrow is his big first day of kindergarten and he is super excited.
I remember from when my kids started school that things will never be the same as they have been for these past 5 years. He will get his independence and will loose a lot of his innocence with  the influence of the other kids at school. But that is a big part of growing up and he is growing up so fast for sure. D-in-love is going to take him in the morning and go into work late,then I will be taking him to school each day and picking him up at least 3 days a week.

Tonight was our last nutrition class at church. The lady that has given us all this free info and guided us along the beginning of this journey is truly a Godly lady and we appreciate her efforts immensely .
Here is the documentation of my beginning weeks of this journey which is far from over. I am extremely pleased with how my body has responded to this plan.
I only lost a total of 7.8 pounds but I shaved off an astounding 18 inches. Like I said this is just the beginning of the journey and I will be purchasing a set of scales that will tell me the % 's that I need to track my progress along the way.

In other news of the day the tropical storm which tonight is very close to becoming a hurricane has shifted again. Now headed directly for New Orleans,La.
Praying for the people of New Orleans that this won't deal them another blow like that of Katrina in 2005. This is a weaker storm but is a bigger and slower storm which makes flooding more of a threat to the low laying areas of the coast.
Thanking God for the blessings of the day and praying for a smooth day for g-son tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

You are to be congratulated on your weight loss and inches lost. That is fantastic. Prayers that g-son has a good first day of school.