Friday, August 10, 2012


A surprise sunshiny morning greeted us as we headed out to do the chores. G-son is still sleeping,he must have had a late night.
He was up and ready for breakfast when I came back inside,he was hungry, having 2 waffles and 7 slices of bacon with chocolate milk.
After I did my exercise video and took a walk I baked cakes,32 layers for caramel,coconut and chocolate cakes.
Hubbie is at his shop changing the blades on our big lawn mower and g-son is watching his regular morning shows.
After we had lunch g-son wanted to go outside and try out an old helicopter he had found in Pawpaw's closet some time back.
Here is the assembly line !!

This one requires no batteries,it just has a wind up string that makes it fly. G-son had a good time practicing flying it.
There is definitely a learning curve to flying this thing.
Inspecting for damage in the landing.
I think he liked it !!!
As I sat outside I noticed how well this spider plant is doing, it must love the location on the front porch.
And this purple Wandering Jew is pretty with all the small purple blooms.
The sun finally came out and dried the grass enough for hubbie to mow today. While he mowed I entertained g-son and then we picked in the garden.
Just as hubbie finished mowing a light rain started,driving everyone inside. D-in-love came after g-son while #1 son hauled a load of scrap metal to the metal buyer.
Hubbie and I did chores in a light rain but we never got the storms some of the surrounding counties have gotten tonight thankfully.
I iced all my cakes and wrapped and labeled everything by 10:30.  I'm blogging,listening to the news and then headed to bed.
Grateful to God today for the blessings of a wonderful family and this beautiful,bountiful world He made for us.
Good Night and God Bless.

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