Saturday, July 13, 2013


Off to market early this morning under really cloudy skies but so far no rain !
Daughter was already there with the blackberries she picked yesterday.  After she helped me set up she left hubbie with her berries and left to go to Ikea in Charlotte with her boyfriend.
We had another very good day and I stayed busy all day. Hubbie sold out of berries before lunch and left to run some errands on his way home.
After I left market I made a couple supply stops for next weeks baking orders before I got home around 3:30.
Still a rain free day but it looks like rain could start at any moment. Hubbie and I rested for a while before choretime this evening. He watched a race on TV and I watched the birds out the sunroom windows.
Just about chore time  a light mist of rain began. It was an off and on type mist for the entire evening but I'll take this anytime compared to the hard rains we have been getting. The temperature is pretty cool today, only 71 degrees.
I did chores and then hubbie grilled us a couple small steaks for supper tonight. The grill is still out in the covered patio where we moved it on the 4th of July.
After supper hubbie went up to the garden to work in his tomatoes and I decided since I didn't have time to do any housecleaning on Wednesday or Friday I would clean the house tonight. Hubbie came in and helped clean the kitchen so at least the house got it's weekly cleaning even though it was a little late !
In July of 1953 this is a picture of my dad in the middle with 2 of my uncles. My uncle Bob Warner on the left was married to my mother's sister Carol and my uncle Herman Cox who was married to another of my mom's sisters named Gertie Mae on the right.
I remember every weekend we would get together with Aunt Gertie Mae and Uncle Herman and my 2 cousins. They played music on their guitars and banjos and sang. It was always something I looked forward to very much. Aunt Carol and Uncle Bob lived in Michigan and came to visit for a week every summer.
 My dad always wore long sleeved shirts no matter how hot the weather was.
Grateful to God tonight for the wonderful blessings of a glorious day in His loving care.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

Rain overnight here, but as of this minute, just overcast sky. Have a blessed day.

linda m said...

No rin here, still sunny but higher humidity. Have a very blessed day.

Gail said...

I miss those days of visiting.

Grandpa always said, What will keep you warm will keep you cool, and he wore long sleeved shirts all years round.

We are dry as a bone.