Thursday, July 11, 2013


To market, to market !!  I hummed this jingle while rushing through chores and getting everything loaded in the van. I made it on time today and had a fairly busy day. Maybe the promise of some sunshine with the parting of the clouds has folks stirring around more.
I ran my regular errands and made a couple extra stops on my way home. I stopped in the new fabric shop, Joanne's , but still thought their prices were too high and left for the second time with my coupons in my pocket and empty handed.
Hubbie was already home when I got here and helped me unload. He had helped #1 son and g-son get here after #1 son's brake locked up just out the road. It got so hot and smoked so badly that he thought his car was on fire.
While they went for parts g-son stayed with me until mom got off work.
I went to meet #2 son and the friend who owns the condo for rent. His concern was if he would have room for his furniture because she already has this condo fully furnished. But with the news today of the folks who are buying his house wanting to buy some of his furniture and the room in an extra room of the condo that won't be a problem.  He rented the condo , he will be closer to us, to work and to his new house location in this condo. Plus he has another pool and there are walking trails in this gated condo community which will be good for me !
As I came back home I spotted this guy along with his blue cousin hunting in the flooded bottom pasture. I needed my telephoto lens for this one.
Love the reflection !!
Today has been a day without any rain so far and it is almost 11:30.
This is our associate Pastor introducing the newest member of his family to his daughter. This little baby boy was born this morning.
I had intentions of getting a headstart on tomorrow's baking chores tonight but my feet hurt and I am looking forward to that nice soft bed too much so tomorrow is another day.
My newest endeaver to find out who some old photos might be continues this month with these four old pics.
This first pic has writing on the back that says " Dorothy and her mom" I had a cousin named Dorothy , who was taken by her mother when she and my dad's brother separated and I have always wondered if this was her.
There is no writing on these other photos.

This makes me want to make sure that all my photos are marked so that future generations won't be doing like me to try to find out who these folks are and why their pics are in my old photo collections.
Grateful for the blessings God sent my way today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Labeling photos is a must...sometimes I am already forgetting who I have in pictures.

Great news all around. You are blessed.

linda m said...

Sure wish my parents had labeled some of their photos. Blessings

linda eller said...

Glad your son can settle in the condo after all, and that it is closer to you. I have tons of old pictures without writing on the back too. Sad that they didnt ID them for future generations. I do try to on mine.