Friday, July 12, 2013


Hubbie has is day off today so he got up to entertain g-son while I caught an extra hour of snoozing this morning.
After breakfast and chores I moved some chickens around,putting some of the older chicks out in the silkie lot and some other chicks in bigger houses.
We went to Southern States farm supply this morning to pick up feed for the animals and then stopped by the estate sale place. I found an old large round basket with handles which fit nicely in the hallway to hold some pillows for now. I also picked up that "ticking" pillow for just $3 and it is new.
We met daughter there and then went over to check out her new classroom at the high school where she will begin teaching in August. All of the desk were out in the hall waiting for the floors to be waxed. She wants to paint the walls and change some things around so her and hubbie are going to work on it after they finish the floors. It is a large classroom.
G-son entertained himself in a chest of costumes that were stored in her office.

I think I see a Halloween pirate coming this year !!!  Or maybe a statue of liberty !!

We came home for lunch then he and hubbie went outside to do some catch up work on this cloudy day.
I spent the rest of the day in the kitchen again. I baked 18 caramel,5 chocolate, 1 coconut, and 4 pound cakes before taking a break late this afternoon.
#1 son came after g-son and after they left the rain for the day started. Fortunately for us we only got about 3/4" but some of the counties just to the south of us got a several inch washing rain that brought down multiple trees and washed away roads.
I had to catch all the new residents of the outside silkie lot to guide them into the dry house to be shut up for the night out of the rain this evening.
I iced all my cakes, finishing about midnight,then got everything else ready to go. I am tired, tired tonight and looking forward to that nice soft  pillow !!!
Thanking God for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Oh, so many possibilities in that room.