Saturday, July 20, 2013


Up early and off to market. Hubbie and I helped daughter get set up with all mine and her baked goodies while she got her blackberries out. Katlyn came in to help just as we got things set up so hubbie and I left.
#2 son was already at our house waiting for us when we got home. He hasn't been able to go to on our family vacations for  2 years so he is ready to go this year.
We got things in the van and all the bikes and beach chairs in the back of his truck, we topped off all the animal feed and water and unplugged and shut things down,locked up and left at about noon !!
Whew I have already sweated a gallon in this muggy hot morning, it feels good to be in the air-conditioned van on the way down the mountain. You can she the hazy mugginess as the mountains is hiding some of the fartherest peaks.

Traffic was heavy at times on this July Saturday afternoon.
Hubbie was driving the van and #2 son was following.
We stopped in Gastonia and had Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch and made one other stop for gas.
We made it to the realty to pick up our key at 6:00 sharp.
We stopped at Food Lion on the way to the beach house and son and I got some groceries while hubbie babysat  Dolly and Bernie in the air conditioning in the van. The thermometer says it is 90 degrees.
We ran through one shower of rain on the way here and it dropped the temp to 83 but it didn't take long for it to go back to 90 with the clear sky and sunshine that was here when we arrived.
The house is an older house with loads of great character. I love the beamed ceiling.

The ceiling,walls and floor are all wood.

 It is nice and clean and has a nice little deck to look out over the ocean from.

Love this sign on the living room wall.

#1 son's family are on their way, d-in-love worked at her parents restaurant this morning and they left about 4:30, expecting to get here around 11:30.
I thank the most gracious Lord tonight for our safe travel today and pray for His blessing of safe travel for #1 son and family.
News from home is that a terrible lightening storm hit our area this evening and lightening hit an old log cabin that had been hauled in from Tennessee and reconstructed was hit by a lightening bolt and burned to the ground. The cabin dated back to mid 1800's. Thankfully no one was in it when it was struck.
As the three of us sit here waiting for #1 son's family to arrive I already miss daughter who wasn't able to make the trip with us until later in the week.
Tonight I am humbly grateful for all the wonderful blessings that He heaps on me each day, may my life reflect His glory.
Good night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

You are certainly blessed to enjoy this beauty with family.