Friday, July 19, 2013


Okay this is going to be a very busy day so hubbie who is off today got an early start when g-son came at 7am.
After chores were done  we were putting out some extra water holders in the chicken lots when #2 son called and said he was on his way home from getting his in-town business done this morning. Hubbie left and went to help him start taking things apart and loading the trucks. One of son's best friends was coming up there at lunch time to help with the heavy couch he has and provide another truck. The clouds are starting to bank around the horizon already so we need to get moving quickly before the rains predicted for this afternoon arrive.
I finished some more extra "before vacation" chores and then g-son and I headed up to help with the move. It was close to lunchtime now so we stopped and bought lunch for everyone on our way there.
They already had hubbie's truck loaded and were working on son's truck when we arrived.
We all took a break and had lunch then loaded my van while we waited on Trey, son's friend to get there.
Wow, what a difference another young strong guy made in getting the moving going more quickly.
We got everything unloaded in the condo except the large couch which wouldn't fit through the door so we have it in our basement.
G-son and I were finished with our part of the move after this and came home to work on getting packed for our much anticipated beach trip this year. G-son has been counting down the days for a month now !!
Hubbie went back up with son for one more load and to get his lawn mowers over to daughter's house to store in her carport.
Rebecca came up and went over the feeding chores with me as she is going to take care of our animals while we are gone.
After a last minute trip to Southern States to get a larger feeder for the hen house I think that is it for the animals.
I have things packed and sitting in the living room and hubbie came home and got all the bikes and fishing gear ready to go. We are driving the van because it is so much cheaper on gas and gas has went up just in the last week.
We can't load tonight because I have to haul my cakes to market tomorrow morning to daughter who is running our market stand with the help of Kaitlyn "her previous little sister". Unfortunately she has to go to a teaching workshop in Greensboro Sunday thru early Thursday and will only have maybe a couple days at the beach with us.
This is the first year in a couple that #2 son has gotten to go so we expect things to come up from time to time with each of the kids.
Hubbie and I both spent the evening getting things ready around here for us to be gone a week.
Then I came inside and iced my 12 caramel cakes that I baked last night. It is midnight and I still have a couple things to do before getting to bed. I will be ready for a vacation after today !!!
Thankful for God's guidance in making the move a safe and rain free one for son and asking for His continued guidance as son goes forward with his plans for building a new home.
Grateful for the strength He gives me each day.
Good night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Hope you enjoy your week at the beach. You are so lucky to have as many family members as you do (with their busy schedules) at the family beach trips.. Families move on, get busy with their own lives and life changes.. You are lucky so far to have all of your adult children so close to home... It may not always be that way! Have fun.

Where are you this year?

Gail said...

I'm thinking life is pretty good.

Anonymous said...