Wednesday, July 10, 2013


When I was finished with chores g-son and I took our morning walk. I always love for him to go with me as he points out things normally I wouldn't see. Like this blue tailed lizard taking advantage of the brief ray of morning sunshine.
This little Sparrow was singing her heart out this morning.

As we went back inside I stopped to empty another 1/2" of rain from the gauge from last night's rains. As I looked up at the now very cloudy sky I decided to get a shovel and clean out the ditches on the side of the driveway for my exercise routine this morning. If the amount of sweat says anything about the benefits of the workout then I surpassed all goals with my ditching. I had to change clothes and shower after about an hour of work !
I had to stop at an hour because I thought I would be completely dehydrated in another hour !!
Whew !! where's those dry air days of fall ????
After I got g-son set up with his computer game I hit the kitchen. I baked 18 caramel, 3 chocolate, 4 pound cakes and a special order of layers for a lady.
Along with the baking I called the phone company to report a deafening buzz on the line again. Seems everytime it rains we have this problem.
Hopefully they will get it fixed this time before I have to threaten to have it cut off.
I also put in a small Avon order on the computer this morning. It's funny how with each order there is always some thing that requires more time than I had planned for.
G-son was really good while I worked and we only had a little time to play a quick game of hide and seek before his dad picked him up to get ready for church.
Along with my other tasks today I made several phone calls to see what I could find for #2 son to rent out in our area. I found him an old farm house that is in a really nice setting so he went to look at it this evening when he got off work. In the process of calling about this one I found a condo that a friend of ours owns so we are going to look at that tomorrow evening.
Glad I have mastered to ability to multi- task efficiently.
The storms started about supper time again today so we did chores early to beat the pouring rain which left more than an inch of additional rain in the gauge this evening before dark.
We could tell by the thunder in the distance that the worst of the these storms went to the north and east of our area,thankfully. Although the rain north of us jumped the creek out again so Aaron brought the cows and horse to the upper pasture for the night.
I did the weekly paperwork and paid bills before spending the rest of the evening in the kitchen icing all my cakes. By the time I had everything finished and ready for market it was midnight, uhh !!!!
I am writing this blog between customers at market and back-dating it. I feel the effects of a busy day yesterday today but the soreness in my back and hip were worked out in the ditching workout and I only have a sore spot on the side of my knee today, thankfully.
I am truly grateful for every busy day that God gives me the strength I need to get through.
God Bless everyone.

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Rain, what a sweet word!