Tuesday, July 9, 2013


This morning was a nice "lawn chair" morning after last night's hard rains left another 1" in the gauge.
While I slipped around in the muddy animal pens and gleaned the garden g-son watched from the shady patio chair.
At last we have fresh cucumbers along with our squash.
G-son and I took a walk down the drive to check the lower pasture without getting too muddy.
The muddy evidence of last night's flooding was left on most of the grass.
This guy was hunting again and we got a little closer today before he took flight.

We were already sweating when we got back to the house around 10am. The high humidity spells trouble for later in the day again I'm afraid.
I did laundry and some housecleaning before lunch time.
I had an appointment for my yearly OB exam this afternoon and g-son was happy to go spend some time with aunt T to wait for his dad to get off work.
Usually there isn't much of a wait at this doctor's office but today he had an emergency and after almost an hour wait in a full waiting room the nurse came out and asked if anyone wanted to reschedule. Several ladies got up to do just that but I figured if they all left I would have to be called soon as the doctor had just gotten back into the office. I was right and about 5 minutes after there was only me and 2 other ladies left waiting I got called back.
The doctor was very apologetic but I told him I understood that was the nature of his job. You can't schedule births.
I checked out okay and after a nice visit I was on my way at about 5:00. My appointment was originally at 3:15. But it is nice to have this exam behind me for another year.
I made a stop on my way home at Foam and Fabric in Fletcher to pick up a huge bag of stuffing.
Hubbie was weed eating when I got home, seems everyday is full of yardwork these days.
It had already rained about 2/10ths of an inch making it feel like a sauna outside as I did evening chores.
A light rain fell most of the evening but nothing like we had yesterday thankfully.
To get started on my July decade photos I found an old pic of my aunt Carol with the date of July 1943 written on the back.
Carol was my mother's  sister. After nursing school she went to work in Florida where she met her husband a member of the US Navy . They married and moved to Michigan where he worked for General Motors and they raised 4 children. I have fond memories of her visits to our house each year while I grew up. I remember she always had a camera and loved taking photos. At times they would make movies of all of us kids and then show them to us the next year to see how much we had changed. I thought they must be very rich because no one I knew around here had a camera that would make a movie !!!  She died several years ago.
I am grunting with every move tonight as a slip this morning has made my back and the side of one of my legs very sore and stiff tonight.
A good long hot bath is on tap for me as I end this day with a thankful prayer that my health is as good as it is.
I thank God for the blessing of health and happiness He gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Glad you got that yearly exam over with--even if you had to wait... That's always a possibility when visiting doctors...

We had a rain-free morning--but had some thunder and rain most of the afternoon. Now they are talking about that tropical storm coming our way the first of next week. Yipes---more rain????? Hope the storm goes somewhere else.... ha


linda m said...

Happy to hear your yearly exam went well. Take care of your back and side - a slip at any age can be trouble. Would you believe my mother wore a dress very similar to one in the picture. In fact they look very similar in age also. In 1943 my Mom was 20 years old. Take care and I hope you aren't as stiff today. Blessings

linda eller said...

It is always good to get a dr. appt. behind us for another year. Sure hope you arent too sore from slipping and that the hot bath helped. It is still muddy here, but at least we have had a full day of sunshine. I hear thunder outside right now, so guess we are getting rain again soon.

Anonymous said...