Friday, July 26, 2013


A bright sunny morning on our last day of vacation.
#2 son got on the road early , about 8:30, which should give him plenty of time to handle all the paperwork he needs to complete the sale of his house.
Hubbie, daughter and I took a long walk on the beach. We watched a large pod of dolphin chasing fish and watched a fishing boat come in close to where they were and net a full net of the small bait fish. The dolphin were playing and jumping around more than I have ever seen. We watched for almost 30 minutes along with a few other beach walkers who gathered around.
When we got back to the beach house g-son was ready to get in his last day at the beach. While his dad and mom packed their things he played in the ocean with pawpaw and aunt T.

 He has been getting braver and braver each day and today he was trying to stand like a surfer.

We spent our last day on the beach, taking turns going in for food and drink.
G-son squeezed every last second of beach time he could out of the day. Here he helps his dad with a shark dad caught.

He and his mom and dad left about 5:00 as d-in-love has a wedding to photograph tomorrow afternoon.
#2 son got home at 2:00. He called later and said he got everything done including a couple extra things to save him some time Monday.
With only daughter, hubbie and I left at the beach we drove down to the end of the island this evening and took a walk around the end.
Hubbie and I look like we might be walking on the moon full of craters in this pic daughter took from behind.

This is a really pretty place with extra wide beach areas.

We left there and drove into the town of Oak Island to let daughter buy some thank you gifts for the people that are watching her dog and house.
We picked up a quick supper at McDonalds and then headed home to begin the task of packing to go home.
This is the only cloudless sunset day we have seen all week and we were on our way back to the beach house as it set over the waterway.

I am ready to get home and into my own bed !!!!  The beds in this house are all very hard and uncomfortable.
I did two loads of laundry and we got most of our stuff in daughter's jeep and our van with only a few things left to load in the morning. It is 10:30 as I type this blog while I wait for the dryer to finish the last load and then it is off to sleep my last night of this years vacation.
Very grateful tonight for God's watchful eye over the travelers today  and praying for His traveling mercies for us tomorrow.
Good Night and God bless.

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