Monday, July 1, 2013


UHHH!!!!  It hurt this morning to get back to our regular routine for g-son and I. As he arrived at 7am and promptly crashed in the recliner for almost another 2 hours of sleeping.
I got the chores done and had breakfast before he woke up. He proudly showed me another milestone for him as he has lost his second tooth.

After I got him his breakfast we both went outside while the sun is shining to take a nature walk.
I emptied about 4/10ths from the rain gauge from last night and early morning rain storms.
Things are so green all around the farm. This is our garden on July 1st this year. A bit behind other years but coming along.

Our grapes are still looking good even though grapes tend to do better in dryer times.
The blueberries are starting to get ripe,we have to try to beat the birds to them as they ripen.
This is my favorite place, especially when the mimosas are in bloom.
Love this sweet smelling canopy.
Things are so green they almost look like a painting.
The cattle and horses enjoy all the green grass as they are out in the cool of the morning grazing.
Butterfly bushes are beginning to bloom all the different colored blossoms.
This bed of hostas look really pretty this year.
Another pic coming back up the driveway from our walk.
This could be called the year of the Mushroom or Lichen because they are everywhere soaking up all the moisture.

We stayed outside until lunchtime, just exploring and enjoying all the beauty of nature and playing "follow the leader" of course.
After lunch he watched TV while I did 3 loads of "month ending" laundry of furniture covers,etc.
I managed to get most of them dried out on the line with the wind and intermittent sunshine.
I also sat out some of my Independence day decorations and did some vacuuming.
After g-son's dad came after him I got another little one for a little while as her mom had to go to a meeting before her work shift started.
Little Evy just gets sweeter every week and even more reactive to her surroundings.

Love those big blue eyes !!!
About the time her daddy left with her the rain started. We got hard rain for most of the evening but thankfully not as much as some of our neighbors to the north in Madison county. An elderly couple had to be rescued from this house. This is Laurel Creek out of its banks.
Our ground has to be totally saturated after all the rain that fell tonight and we are expecting the hardest rains tomorrow night and Wednesday.
God has a plan for all the water He is giving this part of His earth right now and I rest in the peaceful knowledge that He knows best.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I love the pictures of your yard - it is so pretty. I am happy to hear that you have been spared the flooding. Sometimes I wish that God would share with us what His plans are. Our ground here is totally saturated also and every time it when we have flooding. But I trust that God knows best. Blessings

linda eller said...

Enjoyed the pictures along your walk and all the beautiful 'green'. We are due rain for the remainder of the week and hope to dry off by Sunday. Have a good Tuesday.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Carolyn, Sad about the elderly couple's home. Glad they are okay though... We've had lots of rain here --and they say more is coming over the 4th.... We got 2.5 inches in our rain gauge yesterday...

You don't have a problem with deer, do you? The deer recently ate one of my favorite hostas. Dang it!!!!

Everything is pretty and green at your home.... We are green here too...

The rains have kept our temps mild so far. Haven't even needed the AC once so far this summer.

Have a great day.