Monday, July 15, 2013


G-son went back to sleep for a little while this morning giving me a chance to get all the outside chores done before breakfast.
After we ate we went outside in the nice sunshine for a long walk. This is the first little creature he spotted hopping along in the tall grass.
As we passed the garden there was water still standing in the potato rows from the 2/10th inch we got overnight last night.
Hubbie put our pepper plants in cages yesterday after several of them have fell over and broken in all the rain.
I don't know if we will have any tomatoes or not but we sure do have some tall tomato plants.
Our beans are not doing well at all with yellowing leaves and beans that have "nailhead rust" all over them from all the rain.
Maybe the second planting will fair better if the weather dries up. We are still getting squash and cucumbers.
We cut our walk a little short as I have a sore back again today from some move that I shouldn't have made yesterday !!
G-son was content to play on his own for a while this morning and I got some things I've been putting off done.
I went through some clothes, got all my photos downloaded on my exterior modem to back them up and found the proper place for a couple bags of material a lady brought me at market the other day.
I sat on the couch and listened to g-son read me a story book this afternoon while putting a heating pad on my sore back. It was all I could do to keep me eyes open !!!
After g-son's dad picked him up I went up to the chicken lots with a bucket of hot water and dish detergent to wash all the waterers that are getting green slime in them. I know the hens appreciate some nice clean water.
Hubbie came in late this evening after a trip to the dentist after work and he worked in the garden for a little while.
The evening air is humid but nice without rain for a change.  I really can't call this a rainfree day because of the rain in the wee hours of this morning but the mix of clouds and sunshine with an 82 degree temperature has allowed some drying out today.
Talked to sis-in-law Sandy for a while tonight catching up on that side of the family.
I'm off to soak in a hot tub for awhile with my back.
Grateful to God tonight for a blessed day and for all His glorious creations.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Bless your heart. Hope your back is better tomorrow.

We had a rain-free day here (haven't had too much rain here for the past few days--Yeah) --and it was gorgeous, 75 with low humidity.. Tomorrow may be different though...

We are going to Tullahoma tomorrow to visit G's Daddy. Then we'll come back by Sam's in Cookeville before coming home.. Long day!!!


linda m said...

At least you were able to get outside for a while. Take care of that sore back. Hot and humid here. Most of the crops are looking pathetic after all our rain. God bless you.

linda eller said...

Hoping your back feels better this morning. Our garden got hit really hard and I doubt we will have much left now. My son had just planed a row of corn, and it is now just a row of water. Have a blessed day.