Sunday, July 21, 2013


Woke to a cloudy sky this morning. After walking the dogs and having breakfast g-son was up and ready for some beach play.
We took a walk while everyone else got up and got going.

We found turtle nest roped off all along the beach we were on. They each had dates when they were layed.

#1 son and d-in-love went to find a Walmart and hubbie, #2 son, g-son and I hit the beach. I love the clouds they keep the heat low.
G-son wore both his pawpaw and his uncle D out in the waves.

Nah !!!  He's not spoiled  !!!!

While they took a break he built volcanos in the sand.

He enlisted uncle D's help.

We came in for a sandwich at lunch and when we looked back outside the sun was shining brightly.

G-son couldn't wait to get back out in the water but we took a walk to let our lunch settle.
We spent the entire afternoon at the beach. Everyone enjoyed it !
The guys all rode the waves.

G-son got used to riding waves alone in the shallow part and
 he had a blast.

For supper tonight #2 son and hubbie went to Bojangles for take out.
After we ate we went down to a park to see if any fish were biting.

 #2 son caught a fiddler crab for g-son to get a closer look at, but mom didn't like a closer look when it started climbing the bench she was sitting on.

This was a nice section of the island and as the day ended with the same cloudy skies it started with.
Wonder what all the guys are discussing.

A beautiful full moon was intermittently shining down on us from behind passing clouds.
Talked to sis-in-law from home tonight and she said the weather had been nasty up there today with 2 severe thunder storms moving through.
Talked to daughter who got to Greensboro about 3:00 today to begin the new teacher workshop for her business class she will be teaching.
She said they had had some flooding rain there this afternoon also.
Guess we are the lucky ones with no rain at all today.
It is 10:00 and g-son just went to bed and I am not going to be far behind as my eyes are getting heavier by the minute.
Grateful to God tonight for the magnificent creations I see each day especially the beauty of the seashore and surroundings.
Good Night and God Bless,

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Gail said...

What a fantastic day!!!!