Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Well after a night with the heating pad and only about 4 hours sleep thankfully my back is some better this morning. I'll get out my magnetic back brace for support and start the day.
G-son layed back down with me for a little while before he got hungry at 8am.
After helping me with the chores we had a nice breakfast out in the sunroom. The heat of the day is building already and there was 2/10ths of rain in the gauge from an overnight shower so it is a steamy morning.
I baked 18 caramel, 6 chocolate and 4 pound cakes before lunch and didn't have too much back pain. This brace feels like it is helping a lot with the constant pressure.
G-son and I took a nice reading break after lunch then it was off to deliver 9 caramel cakes to Green River Preserve camps. The sky was full of dark clouds by now and we could see lightening streaking in the distance. Thankfully we made it back home  without driving through any storms.
We stopped at Rebecca's to let g-son see little Evy. She was asleep when we got there but woke up before we left. G-son is so funny, he begs to go see Evy every day and when we get there I think he realizes she is still just a baby and can't play with him so he played with the dogs on the porch while Rebecca and I talked and I got a nice visit with little Evy.
#1 son has to work overnight  tonight to fix a road somewhere so he came by to tell g-son goodnight then daughter came and picked him up for church.
Thunder and lightening boomed closer and closer all evening but we missed the bad storms thankfully for today escaping with only another 2/10ths inch of rain for the evening.
I spent the stormy time in my office  with weekly paperwork and bill paying. Seems this is the key week for all our bills to come due.
While I was in there the power blinked completely off, scaring me because I haven't iced any of my cakes yet.
Thankfully it came back on and stayed on. I had to get out my raincoat for chores as is getting to be usual around here this year.
I iced all my cakes, maybe a little slower than usual so hubbie who has taken tomorrow off work to start moving #2 son into the condo he has rented helped me wash my eggs and get them ready for market. We finished at 11:30 and after a hot bath I don't even remember getting into bed.
I am writing this post at the market between customers on a slow afternoon.
Grateful to God for helping me get through another busy day and thankful to Him for giving me such a sweet grandson who is so special to me.

Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Bless your heart.. For an active person like you, it must be very hard to get a severe backache... Hope you are better now.... They are NO FUN....

We went to the Smokies today to visit some friends who are camping at Cades Cove. Nice up there --and not as hot as it was in Knoxville.

Have been almost rain-free this week ---maybe an inch total for the week.