Thursday, July 4, 2013


Emptied another 1 1/3 inch of rain from the gauge this morning at choretime. I did chores again in the pouring rain trying to keep my market clothes dry with cover-alls and a raincoat.
This is surprising to see only this much water standing in the front lower pasture as last night it looked like it would surely get across the road.
I am getting used to driving in this each day now!!
All the creeks on the way to market were ready to jump out of their banks.
Daughter met me at market and we got everything set up to wait for the customers who hopefully will brave this weather for a dessert for their July 4th celebrations today.
This is our new set up with lots more baked goods room.
All sewing crafts are together on these tables.
And these are hubbie's wood crafts on daughter's tables. When she has berries or vegetables she moves them all to one table.
And this is me all decked out in my red, white and blue.
As you can see by the empty isle behind me there wasn't much activity today. We were thankful for all we did sell as we watched the rain continue all day outside the market windows.
The places I needed to stop for baking supplies were closed this afternoon so I'll use what I have or go shopping early tomorrow for supplies if needed.
Same ole thing on the way home.
As I turned on our road the clouds looked very threatening.
As I turned into the drive way I spotted this family making use of the flood waters in the front pasture.
I only had my point and shoot so this is as good a pic as I could get of this mama Mallard and her 8 ducklings.
#2 son came early for our cook out and helped me unload and get things put away.
We had a family cook out today by putting the grill under the outside patio and eating inside. All the family made it and we got to meet the guy daughter has been dating for the last month. Matt was a nice guy and fit in nicely.
We grilled Johnsonville brats and hamburgers and had potato salad,cucumber salad, chips and dip,slaw and peach cobbler to make a really great meal. We saved the watermelon for Sunday so maybe we can get outside to eat that.
The rain came down hard all evening. I emptied another 1 1/2" from the gauge at choretime and it continued to rain throughout the evening.
After everyone left we put all the dogs up so the fireworks that had already started popping around wouldn't scare them to bad tonight.
For a very rainy evening I was surprised at all the fireworks that were popping around the community and the "Fabulous Fourth" fireworks at Jackson Park went on as scheduled.
The clouds hung so low that we couldn't see even any color but we sure could hear them.
The creek is flooded over the road tonight and #1 son has been called out to put up high water signs around the county with the DOT.
At 11:15 the rain has slacked off so maybe the flooding won't be too bad.
Hope you and yours had a wonderfully happy and safe Independence Day celebration today.
Thanking God for the blessing of a wonderful family.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

We had rain all day too.. Everything up here was cancelled or postponed... I feel sorry for the folks who make money on the 4th --involved in all of the many festivities... Kinda sad! BUT-we can't do anything about Mother Nature, can we????

We didn't let the rains dampen our spirits. We still enjoyed our BBQ dinner and watermelon (a tradition).....


linda eller said...

We had the rain and have had for 3 days now, and the weatherman says for the next 8, the same. Grrrrr...I am getting tired of the grey days and wishing for some sunshine. Enjoy the weekend and hope market is good for you.

linda m said...

You all are sounding the way we were here in WI a couple of week ago. All we had was rain, rain, and more rain. It has been 3 dry days in a row for us now. I am grateful for that. Blessings