Wednesday, July 3, 2013


This pretty much sums up things around here these days !!!!

 Another rainy inside morning for g-son and I today. As I finished sloshing through chores I emptied 3/4" of rain from the gauge out of the overnight rains that fell.
After our breakfast we dropped Dolly off at the groomers.G-son was very concerned with Dolly's shaking and feeling scared about her being alone at the groomer. He said that's how he feels when he goes to the doctor sometimes !!
After our banking and post office stops we shopped at Ingles for more cook-out supplies and a restock of popsicles and go-gurt for g-son and of course a shopping stop with Neena means a new toy.
How could any grandma refuse that face ??!!

After we had lunch he had to sample each new flavor popsicle. Three  super hero water popsicles and one push-up later he was done !!!
I cleaned house while we waited for the call to pick up Dolly.
Daughter came to pick up g-son to play at her house for awhile this evening so I could get all my floors mopped.
Finally about 4:00 the call came to pick up Miss Dolly. She always looks so sweet after her grooming.

The rain picked up this evening  adding 2 3/4" more inches to the gauge. The creek is really licking the bank tops all along our bottom pasture.
With the rain still pouring down I went out to get the evening chores done and got soaked. All the animals seemed to want was a dry place to get in as they were already inside their houses and ready for the doors to be shut on them.
I spent the rest of the night icing cakes while listening to the intermittent rain on the metal roof.
I finally got all the cakes wrapped and labeled and the eggs washed and in cartons as I heard the clock strike midnight.  I took a nice relaxing hot bath to help me wind down from the hectic evening. I hardly remembered my head hitting the pillow last night.
There was no time for blogging last night so this is being written between customers at the market on the 4th and back dated.
God is  good all the time , all the time God is good !!! Prayers for a safe happy Independence Day for all.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda eller said...

Rain, rain, go away and dont come again for a few days!