Tuesday, July 23, 2013


All clouds this morning as the wind still blows very hard here. I walked down to survey the damage from the extra high tide last night and saw that all the turtle nest are completely gone with only this orange tape to indicate where this one used to be, poor little guys.

This old fence line was exposed all along the beach,have no idea what it was for.
 No one was stirring after hubbie and I had breakfast so we took a fact finding ride down to the other end of the island.
The beach between us and Caswell is littered with huge rocks that were washed up during the night.
But Caswell beach is still nice and only has rings of debri to show were the tide reached up to.

We walked up on the Oak Island Pier and the lady told us the damage was a combination of three things, the full moon, high tide and a strong southern wind. Oak Island faces directly south so it catches the south wind straight on.
This is the Oak Island lighthouse.

If we stay on Oak island again I am going to try to get a house on Caswell beach since it is so wide and there are no banks to scale to get on and off the beach.
When we got back to the house #2 son was ready to go to the Tanger Oulets in North Myrtle beach.
He drove my van with hubbie and me and we headed on out. #1 son's family is going to meet us later.
We shopped all afternoon. I found some great deals at one of my favorite stores, Coldwater Creek. Also got some goodies off the clearance racks in Bon Worth.  #2 son found several things and hubbie had some ice cream from all his shopping !!
#1 son's family came later in the afternoon and g-son got some back to school clothes in the Osh Gosh outlet.
We went from there down to the main drag in Myrtle Beach to the amusement park for g-son to spend the afternoon riding the rides.
It has been many many years since I have been on Ocean Boulevard and it has sure changed.

G-son had a blast riding the rides.

He met a friend and rode a couple rides with her. She cried when we went separate ways.

The old roller coaster that was here in this same spot when I was a teenager is still in operation today.

The whole family took a train ride around the park.

#2 son, hubbie and I left around 8:00 to find something to eat as we hadn't eaten since lunchtime. We barely made it to the K&W cafeteria at 8:20 just before they stopped serving at 8:30.
I was so hungry the food tasted sooooo  good. I hate to eat this late but tonight I was so empty it didn't overfill my stomach.
We made it to the beach house at 10:00 and Bernie and Dolly were sure glad to see us !!!
After a big bowl of late supper and a nice long walk they forgave us gratefully for abandoning them for the day.
This is the latest night I have been up so I am starting to see double while typing this.
Talked to daughter a couple times today,she has spent the day again juggling her teaching and coaching classes. One more full day tomorrow and part of Thursday and she will be done with her certifications.
Talked to sis-in-law Sandy tonight and she said things are still rainy at home. She said she thought we were going to make it through the day dry until a severe thunder storm came up tonight and dumped a bunch of rain.

Very grateful to God tonight for the safe travel of today and for the blessing of a wonderful family.
Good Night and God Bless.

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What an amazing place to be.