Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Another day of catch-up started early. G-son went back to bed after he got here at 7:00 and I got all the chores done and had breakfast today before he woke up. Bible school is wearing him out.
I wanted to get laundry started early so I could hang quilts and sheets outside to dry on this sunny day.
I spent the morning doing laundry and house cleaning. Extra loads of vacation laundry done and some of the first of the month laundry done,yeah !!
While I feverishly worked through the morning g-son was busy creating lego inventions. I stopped several times when he asked for a picture of his new creation.
This first one he called a robot transporter.
And this one was a super hero flying ship.
I love his imagination !!!!
I baked more cakes this afternoon, 12 more caramel and 3 chocolate. I'll be so glad when I catch up with everything.
The bushes and weeds have grown so much I had to trim the hedge of forsythia back from around my clothesline before I could hang things out this morning.
My house  needs a good cleaning ,the porches need sweeping, setting silkies need to be moved into boxes,etc , etc , etc . But all these things will wait for me to get around to them, after all this little guy needs my attention before he grows up and doesn't look for me to see his new inventions anymore.
I went to Bible School with him again tonight and watched as he had a wonderful time with his friends . His class grew to 13 tonight !!!
Craft time ......
He is having a blast.....
Daughter and d-in-love still have 14 every night in their first grader class.

I came home and iced more cakes tonight.
In other news of the day, #2 son closed on the house he sold today finally. I know he is glad finally to have this behind him.
The weather is changing again and after an evening of mostly clouds the rain is suppose to move in overnight. Today felt like an early fall day with temps only in the low 70's but the higher humidity could be felt in the little time I had to spend out there today.
Thankful to God tonight for another wonderful blessed day. Praying for all the kids at VBS, may they know the love Jesus has for them.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Wow---all of your posts came in at the same time... I was so confused... You were at the beach --and THEN you were in Bible School... ha ha ... I am trying to catch up!!!!!

Looks like you had a great time at the beach --but didn't it go by quickly????? I know you enjoy that week with your family though...

Hope VBS continues to be a blessing for all of the children.


linda m said...

I am so happy to hear that g-son is enjoying VBS. And when you say he needs your attention more than all the "stuff" that isn't getting done you are so right. Stuff will always be there but children grow up way too fast. I'll say a prayer for all the children at VBS. Blessings

Anonymous said...