Friday, July 5, 2013


AHHHH!!!!    The Sun was visible this morning even if it was hazy !!!  All of nature seemed to be stretching toward it to dry all the last drops of rain.

After chores and breakfast I walked around the farm surveying all the rain soaked ground. I emptied another 3/4" of rain from the gauge from the overnight showers.
This is the evidence of last night's flooding left against the road fence.
When hubbie went to work at 6am the water was still across the road but the lines of the road were visible.
Caught this flock of female Mallard ducks enjoying the enlarged swimming area of flooded pastureland.
I worked my way through the very soft  and muddy garden to glean what vegetables were ready.
I noticed when I was picking these that if my hand just brushed a bloom it fell off so I wonder how much produce we will get.
The Morning Glories were also glad to she the sunshine.
#1 son came home about 3:00am  this morning from a night of flood clean-up so he and g-son are sleeping in today.
After lunch I baked 12 caramel, 4 chocolate and 1 coconut cake. I cleaned the kitchen and sunroom before g-son came to stay with me while his dad had new tires put on his Escape.
A lady came to pick up a 4 cake order this evening for her husband's 80th birthday party tomorrow. The party is outside so I hope it is early in the day !!!
G-son and I went outside to play until his dad got here to pick him up. We went on a frog hunt, but the little frog luckily escaped g-son grasp.
The skies got darker and the thunder grew quickly closer, so soon after hubbie came in from work we rushed through chores and headed inside just as the rain started again. After this storm passed it left almost another 1/2" in the gauge. On a positive note if this is all we get tonight this will be the least daily rainfall in several days.
The flash flood watch has been extended for area until Sunday with the forecast of additional rain each day we better get used to seeing these signs.
The crop farmers in the area are all losing many crops from all this water. In this pic you can barely see the tops of the bean poles in this flooded field.
And this corn field doesn't look so good either.
When these times come we have to step back and realize we don't control our destiny at all. God has us in His loving arms and it will all work out in God's good time.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

At least He's taking turns. We are beginning to need rain and there are many states who desperately need rain.

Praying for every one to get the perfect amount they need.

Have a blessed day.

linda eller said...

You are so right that God controls it all, and I needed that reminder this morning. Happy Saturday!

linda m said...

Crops here are suffering due to all our rain. God does work in mysterious ways - we just have to trust Him. Blessings