Sunday, June 30, 2013


A cooler morning greeted us today but clouds were gaining on the sunshine quickly.
I got to church a little early to check out one of the younger ladies July 4th sanctuary decorations. She had asked me a couple weeks ago if she could put out the patriotic decor and I was glad to have her do it. She did a great job, thanks Steph. Before I made a picture I got distracted and forgot all about the pic.
I am always awed at how many servicemen we have in our congregation as they marched in and were honored at the beginning of the service.

As the sermon was about to begin,hubbie asked if I had put the turkey in the oven. Shoot !!! No, I forgot all about that smoked turkey that I found in the chest freezer last week that was defrosted in the frig downstairs. I looked at my watch and it was 11:15, the turkey needed 2 hours to heat up as it is already cooked and smoked. I left church, drove home put the turkey in the oven so it would be done at 1:30, our regular lunch time.
I thought about going back to church but figured I would only be there about 15 minutes by the time I drove back so I broke the green beans and had everything ready by the time daughter and hubbie arrived.
We had a small lunch bunch today with daughter and #1 son's family here today.  #2 son came by for left overs after his golf game.
Everyone left after we ate and hubbie went over to daughter's to work on her weed eater and help her get her yardwork done before the week of predicted rain sets in.
I enjoyed an afternoon of reflection and relaxation all alone.
After choretime this evening hubbie and I sat in the sunroom and watched the rain slowly begin to fall.
From excessive heat in the west to flooding in the east, July 2013 is already making a bad impression.

I can hardly believe that another month has slipped by. This June has been a fairly calm month for our family.
 #1 son went on his first youth chaperoning trip to Myrtle Beach ,SC and g-son got to tag along. They both enjoyed the experience very much.

D-in-love made a trip to Myrtle Beach to do a photo shoot and got to help with the youth for a couple days while they were there. She also traded her Jeep Patriot which was starting to have many problems in for a new Toyota Corolla.

G-son enjoyed the beach but came down soon after getting home with his second bout of strep throat in this month. He graduated from kindergarten and has had an exciting summer vacation so far. Playing with visiting friends, swimming at the lake and great aunt Sandy's pool with friends and family.

 #2 son sold  the house he bought last fall as long as all goes well with the buyer  and he also closed on a piece of property he had an offer in on.

Daughter went on the beach youth trip also and had a good time. She came home and returned to her very busy life. She is still working for the elementary school but is going to all the teacher and coaches meetings with the high school she will begin teaching at in August. She has had several dog sitting jobs and has sold her baked goods well this month. She has begun dating a new guy who is a deputy sheriff . We haven't met him yet but look forward to getting to know him in the near future.

Hubbie has started his summer schedule at work of being off on Friday instead of Monday. He has taken several days off this month and we have gotten several task done that had been put off.

I have had a great month. Along with g-son who is usually here at least 4 days a week this summer I have been blessed with time with little Evy who is the baby of Aaron and Rebecca, the couple who live in #2 son's house.  I keep her on the days Rebecca goes to work at the hospital at night to the time Aaron who works on a local sod/ soybean farm gets home from work. She is a sweetheart and I enjoy my time with her.  I have steadily gotten busier at market especially the last two Saturdays.

June has been another wet month with several rainy days each week. A total of 9 inches fell during the month, that's 4.35 inches above normal, bringing the yearly total to 38.12 inches which is a whopping 15.22 inches above normal for this time of year.
So far we have been effected by only one hurricane of the season, Andrea, that caused some minor flooding issues around WNC.

As midnight nears tonight I bid June 2013 a fond farewell and welcome the adventures of July 2013.
I know God will be beside me as I go through this next month and I know He will be my guiding light on those dark busy days that are bound to come. I leave this month with this message.

Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Hope you are doing well. I've been absent from blogging (on vacation) for a couple of weeks --and am trying to catch up a little. YIPES!!!! ha

Can't believe that June is over. Our June for the most part has been quite mild... Hope July's weather treats us the same way.


linda m said...

I am glad June is gone - hope it took all the rain with it. I love your tradition of having the whole family over for Sunday "dinner". My family is scattered all over the U.S. so we don't get together very often. God's blessings to you and your family.

linda eller said...

Praying the month of July will bring happiness, health and prosperity to all.