Sunday, June 23, 2013


Another nice morning, but as I headed out the road to church I could see the storm clouds starting to bank all around the horizon.

Some of the ladies brought umbrellas into church just in case the rain came before we left.
We had a nice service and afterward daughter,d-in-love and Becca and I made a quick trip to the estate sale place we usually go to while the guys came home to start lunch.
I didn't find much today, a bike helmet for g-son and a strainer but the girls found several things they couldn't live without !
We called for a truck when Becca decided on a small chest freezer they had and d-in-love bought a couple large planters. #2 son appeared with his truck and carted all our treasures home.
We shopped and made it home to lunch at the regular time. After we ate everyone scattered. Hubbie helped #1 son work on the brakes on his Ford Escape, D-in-love took g-son out to the CVS minute clinic to have a strep test done because he isn't feeling well at all and has had a fever since yesterday. His throat looks pretty bad again and she found out he does have strep throat for the second time this month.
#2 son went home to mow his grass and rest from his 6 day work week, daughter went to a home owners association meeting, Becca took little Evy home for a nap and I cleaned the kitchen from lunch and then rested.
It has gotten cloudy and the rain showers have been off and on this afternoon,thankfully for #1 son who has the front wheels off his escape out in the yard the rain has been very light.
After chores tonight hubbie and I spent almost 2 hours treating all my chickens for scaly leg mites. I have noticed the scales on some of their legs look loose so I dipped all their legs in Skin So Soft oil and dusted their houses with sevin dust. We treated all of them even the ones that didn't look like anything was wrong so maybe we can get a jump on the bugs before they spread.
Around a farm their is always something to take care off.
There is a Super Moon today but we won't get to see it tonight because of all the clouds building.

 This a picture from the internet.
The moon actually was the closest  and fullest at 7:32am today at 221,300 miles away from earth.
Tonight the moon will be 12% larger than it will be at it's fartherest away point which will occur on January 16,2014.
There are all kinds of myths about what the supermoon does but there is no evidence that it affects the weather or even the tides. Another interesting old "wives tale" is that if a single woman looks into a bowl of water under the full moon she can see her future husbands face.  Hummmmm!!!!!

In June of 1993 someone had gotten a camera and was learning to take photos. This is a couple pics I found that didn't have heads or other body parts cut off !!!!
This is #1 son with tongue out ,#2 son in back with thumbs in ears and a friend Todd Lyda with the carrot cigar. Daughter must have been the photographer.
 Someone else took this pic of daughter with some of her favorite toys.
Brothers and sisters having fun together !!They'll be mad proud that I added these pics to my blog !!!!
With thunder booming outside and the news almost over I'm headed for bed tonight after a nice Sunday.
Thanks to God for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I didn't get to see the super moon either as it was cloudy here. Seems all it does it rain this year. My lawn needs mowing again (about a foot tall) after about a week. this is usually about a 2 weeks growth but not this year. Oh well, God knows something I don't know about the weird weather this year. Finally saw my first hummingbird of the summer. Blessings