Saturday, June 29, 2013


Had a busy morning at market. Daughter brought in her first batch of early blackberries and they drew a lot of attention to our tables. My new set up worked out beautifully and we had plenty of room. Too busy for pictures today. The blackberries were gone long before lunch time and we almost sold out of baked goods. Daughter left about 1:00 to go visit Rhondria, her friend that just had the baby.
After market I walked up on Main street to check out the old milk trucks that were on display today.
 There were trucks there from as far away as Ontario,Canada and as old as 1931 models.
My favorite milk cow was a Guernsey we had named Peggy !

 This girl blocked one of the streets.
It was a nice history lesson and brought back memories for me when I was a child and looked for the milk truck each week because he also had ice cream bars.
I also stopped in the Hospice resale shop up town and found some new large table cloths for our market tables and some woven placemats for my tables at home.
After making a couple supply stops I got home and unloaded. Hubbie was finishing up his weed eating on  a bank we have been trying to get a stand of grass started on. He said he couldn't believe how fast things were growing this year with all this rain.
I took a break off my achy feet this evening out in the sunroom for some bird watching. I love to see these Doves around. They are such peaceful birds. Usually they are ground feeders but this guy decided the seeds were fresher up here.
As I relaxed the sweet aroma of all these Mimosa blossoms wafted in through the open doors and windows and made the evening especially nice.
I usually see several hummingbirds sampling these blooms, but not today.
I haven't seen many hummers at all this year.
After my rest hubbie and I treated all the dogs with their monthly Front Line and then made a concoction of vaseline and 7-dust to rub into all the chicken's feet. I am pretty sure the skin-so-soft oil treatment last week rid them of their leg mites but just to be sure and to give them a little more moisture for the scales that are falling off I thought this one last treatment couldn't hurt.
The hens acted like they enjoyed having their feet and legs rubbed with this greasy concoction. Usually when animals have problems they know when you are trying to help them and do their best to co-operate.
Looking forward to praising our precious Lord with my church family tomorrow. Prayerfully thankful for  all the blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

I do love the history and the memories.

Our first milk cow I remember was a Jersey/Guernsey mix named Patsy. My job to bring her in from pasture.

We had a milk truck that picked up our milk to process.

In a bigger town my aunt had milk in bottles delivered every day. I thought that was so cool, no cows involved directly in that method.

linda eller said...

Enjoyed the pictures of the milk trucks, which brought back good memories for me, of when milk was delivered in glass bottles and put on the front porch. When you emptied, you washed them out and set them for the next delivery. We havent had very many hummers this year either...Glad you had a good day at market.

linda m said...

The pictures of the milk trucks brought back some fond memories. The Golden Guernsey truck always brought our milk to the door. We have Mimosa trees around here also and the smell is intoxicating. I bet your chickens really enjoyed their "foot rub". God's blessings to you.