Monday, June 3, 2013


G-son was here at 7am this morning to start the last week of school.
Hubbie took him to school while I fed chickens and dogs. I have another group of little chicks that have just hatched out this weekend. Their mama is a bit crazy as she flogs my hand each time I put food in the box for them.
I have one more silkie sitting on eggs and 2 that want to start sitting. I need to sell some some chicks to make room for more hatches.
After breakfast I worked in my sewing shop cutting out an apron order and some extra aprons for my table at market.
I talked to sis-in-law Sandy and daughter while I was down there.
After lunch I got ready to head over to g-son's school to help with field day but when I got in the car the rain started pouring down. I came back inside to wait out the storm wondering if they would postpone the outside play day or just continue in the rain since it was alot of water play anyway.
I decided not to go over there since I would be late now anyway.
When I picked him up he said they just played in the rain which is what I figured they would do. He had taken a change of clothes and his play clothes were indeed soaking wet.
He was ravenously hungry this afternoon after the afternoon of activity.
His dad came after him and we had a nice visit.
After they left hubbie and I sat outside and watched the sun try to break through the thick clouds this evening.
I poured another 1/2 inch of rain from the gauge this evening at chore time. Hubbie didn't get to mow the lawn as usual on his Monday off. He did get more trimming done this morning before the rain started. Hopefully tomorrow after work he can get the mowing done or we might have to have it baled!!!
Just before dark d-in-love brought her new Toyota Corolla up to show us.
She traded the jeep patriot she had been having so much trouble with in for this today while it was on sale and got a good deal. It's funny how our family gravitate toward the same auto maker. For years all the kids had jeeps of different styles and now they seem to be gravitating toward toyotas.
I sat out in the sunroom,listening to Allison Krause music tonight until darkness fell,it felt good to relax.
Thanking God for the blessings of the day and for His great Love for all of us.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi, We had your rain yesterday morning---3 inches. But--today was awesome, much cooler and just perfect... Hope your tomorrow will be as nice... I love the cooler, less humid weather.

Both George and I are Toyota people. I had several Corollas and he had Camrys... One thing about Toyotas is that you NEVER have trouble with them... Great autos...

Have a great Tuesday.

linda m said...

That is a lot of rain. We have had our fair share here in WI also. Yesterday hubby and I mowed the lawn - twice in less than a week. Our mower mulches as it cuts so we don't have much to "bale". But it was over 8 inches tall in less than a week. Still cool here for June but I'm liking it as we can sleep with the windows open. Blessings.