Friday, June 28, 2013


A strange morning without g-son here !!  He is with his aunt T for the day. They are picking blackberries this morning,then going to his last doctors appointment to have his elbow checked, then to the pool at sis-in-laws house with no telling what other fun in between !!!
In the blackberry patch !!

Hubbie and I did the morning chores then planted a pound of okra seed that had been soaking overnight. We want to have enough okra to pickle this year and the first planting pretty much didn't show up !! I know the soil is warm enough to make this batch grow.
Hopefully we will have our first squash this weekend and maybe a cucumber or 2 . Meanwhile the chickens are enjoying the spent lettuce and onions.
With our gardening done for the day we made a trip to Sam's Club. We came home to get our regular work day projects started. He got the weed eater out and I did some house cleaning and baked cakes. I baked 12 caramel and 2 chocolate cakes today.
The sun is shining nicely today but the mid 80's temperatures feel like mid 90's with all the humidity.
The clouds kept building all afternoon and finally just after chore time this  evening the rain began. By dark we had 3/10ths in the gauge and it was still raining lightly. Thankfully no storms or gully washing rain.
I iced cakes tonight and got ready for market tomorrow.
These are some pictures daughter sent me today of g-son and his cousins playing.
Sis-in-law keeps a watchful eye on all the kiddos as they cool off with freeze pops !!
 Good looking cousins !!!
 And we are off but Kalie doesn't look to thrilled about this ride !!??
Looks like g-son had a wonderful afternoon and they topped it off with a pizza party for supper,doesn't get any better than that !!!
Listening to the weather tonight I am glad he got to go swimming today as it doesn't sound like much swimming weather is in our next weeks forecast.After tomorrow the rain chances are pretty high,but the cooler temps will definitely feel better.
Thankful for the many blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

may you be blessed with just the rain you need. We are beginning to need it here.

linda eller said...

Not one for okra, but do love the cukes and tomatoes. Hope you have a good market day.